By: Chev Chellios
Date: April 18, 2013

Night of Terror 2013 Report

Another year has passed since Imagine (former Amsterdam Film festival) presented us at last year's Night of Terror, now April 13th 2013 and the Night of Terror is about to begin its 29th edition. The horde is waiting in agony, to break into the Amsterdam Tuchinski Theater, and to unleash terror and lose their voices in the process. We from Slashing Through prepare for an evening fully loaded with Blood, Babes and Gore, let the horror commence!

Night of Terror 2013

Standing in the front row where the staff tried to keep the peace, we observed and of course participated in the horde, and its mission to enter the theater. Every year you see new and old faces, from the Gorehounds to the people who don't know what they are getting into, (Jan Doense, former chief of the festival, started his speech by addressing those who are not familiar with the Night of Terror, that if they can't handle it, they could leave after the first film and get a refund). If your open minded and new to this game of horror, just let the horde take you through the night and you will have a blast, screaming and giving your opinion about every aspect of the presented movies, with no holds barred.

Night of Terror 2013

Normally Eddy (chief of security, he looks like Michael Clarke Duncan) addresses the screaming and shouting horde by explaining the rules of the evening, but eventually there is only one rule: "Just don't tear the place down". This year Jan Doense had some bad news, Winston had a heart attack so he couldn't be present this year, but he will return the next, the horde responded by screaming loudly "WINSTOONNNN".

Night of Terror 2013

After the opening ceremony, the staff took away the security lines and the horde enters the building, actually they run over each other to get the best seats in the house, because you will not want to sit in the front row, you will be covered in all sorts of shit, from m&m's to toilet roles.

Night of Terror 2013

When finally everybody obtained a seat, the show gets on the road by Jan Doense, who tried to introduce the first movie "Stitches", but everybody is screaming so loudly even Jan couldn't hear himself, so the movie started eventually, without anyone knowing which one it was. So the time has come to unleash hell and scream your vocal cords to shreds, The Notorious "Night of Terror" has begun.

Night of Terror 2013 Stitches


A horror Slasher about a killer Clown, the story is basic with a couple of jungsters who are responsible for the death of a "not so funny" Clown. After a few years he comes back to exact his revenge on those who are guilty. I think this is a good starter for a night like this, basic plot, good special effects and after a lot of years we see a killer Clown on the big screen again.

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Night of Terror 2013 Last Exorcism Part 2

The Last Exorcism part 2

One of the titles, where we from Slashing Through raised our eyebrows, a movie rated PG13 with a title wherein the words LAST and PART 2 are a contradiction, this had to go wrong. Where the first one was pretty original and entertaining, this one with a rating of 3.9 on IMDB database, is about the possessed girl from part 1, where she tries to build a new life after the horrific events that happened, but the evil force has returned with a plan, which is even more evil then before. A lot of people have lost their voices during the screening of this one, a lot of funny lines where delivered by the horde, and the words "Hoerrrr and HOMO" were presented with flair, it kept the horde alive and to the finish line. Want to know the end result, read our full review.

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Night of Terror 2013 Evil Dead

Evil Dead 2013

Well the movie everybody was waiting for, actually not everybody because the die-hard evil dead fans including myself (read our review for the original EVIL DEAD here) are pretty skeptical about this remake. A good thing is that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are involved, but on the other hand remaking a classic hasn't turned out well the last few years (for example A nightmare on Elmstreet 2012). Without spoiling anything, I can say "Buckle up because you're going for a ride, where Blood, Gore and Demons are present at every corner".

Bruce Campbell actually sent a tweet prior screening of the film, Quote: "I hope they enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed that city (Amsterdam)")

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Night of Terror 2013 Sawney: Flesh of Men

Sawney: Flesh of Man

Introduced by Jan Doense this one should be on par with last years INBRED (read our Inbred review here), Where Inbred was soaked with blood and Gore, we prepared for an all-out gore fest. Especially when the last few years the last movie of the night always brought the goods, Tokyo gore police / Hell Driver / Inbred where all gore to the core. Well the premise sounded good, this one is based on a true story about Scottish Sawney Bean and his Cannibal Inbred Family responsible for the murders of more than a 1000 people. Unfortunately a lot of people left the theater after Evil Dead, but the remaining gore hounds did not keep quiet, and pulled one last offense by screaming and letting everybody know what they thought about this one. With one line in peculiar stood out: "you going to tell us", because there was so much talking and explaining going on.

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The night started well with Stitches, hit a bump with The Last Exorcism part 2, but evil dead pulled it back on track, with Sawney Bean and his family ending the night. After all the night is created by the people who dare to enter, not the movies presented.

The Night of Terror is over, the glooming sun awaits at the gates of Theater Tuchinski, the horde survived yet another Night of Terror. Where not everybody reached the finish line, most only lost their voice. The die-hard fans created the atmosphere we love about this special night, and of course we shall return next year. And for those who were new, I think they also will return to this night you will not soon forget.

SlashingThrough out.

Photos by: Maarten Groen


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