Shark night 3D Review

Movie: Shark night 3D
By: Maniac E
Date: September 23, 2011

What lies in the water stays in the water

So the b-movie with bad plots and shitty characters are totally in nowadays. There have been some good ones like: Hobo with a shotgun, Insidious, Piranha 3D excreta. But the worthless over rule the good ones. Will Shark Night 3D be movie to balance this? This movie stars Sara Paxton and Katherine McPhee among other unknown actors who we never heard of (and I doubt ever hear from again). We all know what the franchise “Jaws” brought us and still brings when people hear anything about shark movies.


The story revolves around Sara (Sara Paxton), a girl from the Bayou who made it out of the swamplands all the way to Tulane University. Despite her loner nature, Sara invites a group of her senior year buddies to party at her big mansion out on the water. The would-be party-people include Nick (Dustin Milligan), the geek; Beth (Katharine McPhee), the bad girl; Blake (Chris Zylka), the pretty boy; Gordon (Joel David Moore), the wisecracker; Malik (Sinqua Walls), the star athlete; and Malik’s loving girlfriend, Maya (Alyssa Diaz). Along the ride to Sara’s remote house we also meet the easy-going Sheriff Sabin (Donal Logue), Dennis (Chris Carmack), an old flame of Sara’s, and Dennis’ sidekick “Red” (Joshua Leonard), a freaky redneck.

shark night 01

Soon after the kids arrive on the Island getaway (out of cell phone range, of course), they discover that the waters have been infested with deadly sharks - and there begins the feeding-frenzy. Desperate plans quickly lead to grisly deaths, and by the time we get down to the last warm bodies, there’s a (not so) shocking revelation that the sharks may not be the only predators on the lake.

shark night 02

I wanted to think that this movie was better but I can’t lie to you guys… It is a horrible mess. This movie is essentially Jaws meeting a teenage slasher film. Unlike Jaws, Shark night has traded plot for gore filled, teenager devouring, and CGI shark action. The acting of the victims is pretty weak for the most part, essentially focusing on incredibly shallow characters that have no morals and eventually evolved into hyperventilating chickens, with the exception of a few characters willing to tread the waters. Despite their best intentions, a majority of the scenes in this movie amounted to nothing more than a predictable sequence of chases, pointless swimming, and eventually scream filled death that is classic of a Sci-Fi original movie.

shark night 03

Although the plot had a little more character than what I had gotten from the trailers, it still wasn't enough to save the movie. One major weakness to the plot was how predictable the series of events was. From the moment we were introduced to the characters, I was able to predict who was going to die, and essentially how each one was going to meet their end, that is how each one was going to get eaten. You may be asking, "Well was the explanation for why the sharks were there in the first place good?" The answer to that question is no. In fact I believe the explanation to the sharks was one of the worst plot twists I have ever seen, more laughable than respectable. Again I wasn't expecting much of a plot, but to throw in such a twist was just pathetic to me.

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The movie isn’t ashamed to start ripping off other movies as well. At one point the movie actually cribs the iconic theme song to Jaws. All the action stuff (meaning deaths) happen off screen don’t forget this is a PG-13 movie which won’t allow any real action. All of this just sums up that this movie isn’t here to entertain and is basically running along the train of the b-movie hype. In the end the movie falls short in every way a horror movie can fall short in. Bad plot, bad acting, bad CGI, and most of all boring. Nothing really happens in the movie and it just hasn’t have anything new to offer us. Missed change in my book, next time no PG-13 please.



Image quality

Good visuals, crisp and bright colors, but they make the shark look extra fake. But for those who want to see the movie in 3D can do this two ways. The REAL 3D version is on the disc and the normal red/green glasses version is on it, so even if you don't have a 3D LCD television they can still see it in 3D.


The sound is good HD-Dolby Digital 5.1 track is on the disc and will make your house rock from time to time.



Well the movie isn't really that good, make sure that you watch this with friends and beer. The sound and image department have nothing to worry about, but even they can't really save this movie. And without any extra's except some trailers this isn't really a must own blu-ray. But the fact that their are 3 versions on this disc make it a plus one full point for the people that really want to see it in 3D.

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Shark night 3D


Shark night 3D


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Sara Paxton, Joel David Moore, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee