byzantium Review

Movie: byzantium
By: Maniac E
Date: July 12, 2013

Irresistible, Immoral, Immortal

A new vampire story has risen from the director of "Interview with the Vampire" Neil Jordan. Since the time he made "Interview with the Vampire" things changed, and well we had our nice share of new vampire movies we also got our glitter kind now. Can Jordan give us a real good vampire movie that stands above this household teenage stuff? Read on!

For the past 200 years, Eleanor's story hasn't been told because of her "sister" Clara. Eleanor is seeking to finally lift a bit of her burden and a secret she is keeping with her for all those years. Clara is holding Eleanor captive and keeping Eleanor a secret from most people making sure they can survive. Clara has her reasons to do the things she does, but Eleanor wants to reach out and truly be understood. Since they are vampires they need to feed and try to be as careful as possible, well at least Eleanor is. After a fight that Clara had with another ripping him to pieces and setting their apartment on fire, they are now in search of a new home. They end up in the Byzantium Hotel, where Eleanor finds solitude and a companion in a local boy. In which Eleanor trusts her ancient untold story, which makes the vampires more exposed and the real threat begins to notice the two and starts their own hunt.


What really made the movie stand out is the way it portrays both worlds of the vampires, Eleanor one with beauty, heart and compassion. Clara with the ruthless I won't spare no-one attitude. And the other vampires that live by code and want to get rid of offspring's that shouldn't be around in any way possible. It is a slow movie which wants to show you so much, and I must say they succeeded with this. The finesse way of how Eleanor drinks her blood, from only people that are willing to give and is appearing as sort of Angel towards them is a beautiful way of letting go. The way the movie is shot can give shivers down your spine because it all is in greater lines with Eleanor and her feelings. The way she struggles with her doing is one that can be portrayed as one that is not sure in life and is molded by the horrible past. The differences between vampires are just as great as the differences between humans. In this case it just shows the person you become is yours and yours alone.


The movie as an excellent soundtrack and which is used in a very good way. It all fitted the mood of the movie very well and no, you won't get any skrillex in this film. The movie has its ups and downs story wise, again it is a slow movie with a story to tell. But there is actual gore in there, even a decapitation that is done in very good way. The movie is setting up a nice atmosphere and captured the ruthlessness of vampires very well. Don't expect just your standard vampire things, yes they still drink blood in this movie but not the way as all portray it in other movies. The cinematography is one of the best that I've seen this year so far. The first time you will see the water turn into blood is just beautifully shot. Some shots are just visually stunning.


Yes, I myself am getting vampire/zombie tired. BUT this one is a great exception of how things can feel different and new. The people that know how Interview with a Vampire is, know the style of Neil Jordan expect this same approach here. For me this one is on par with the "Let the right one in". The way the story unfolds between Eleanor and her new friend is a bit of the same but on a more mature level. The movie shows a great vision and is supported by its characters, atmosphere and music. I take my hat off for mr Jordan and congratulate him on a new great vampire story done right.







Neil Jordan






Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Arterton, Caleb Landry Jones