Silent Night Review

Movie: Silent Night
By: Chev Chellios
Date: December 12, 2012

On this Christmas Eve, no one gets candy...

Santa is back and with no holds barred, this mutha is gonna f%&@ you up, the reasons unclear. Well with this premise things cannot go wrong or can they.

The Beginning

Steven C Miller, while I think this dude is going to do some good in the horror genre (check out my review about his previous movie "The Aggression Scale"). He directed this little flick Silent Night, a remake of the original Silent Night Deadly night from 1984. Let's go back to 1984 when they released the original, at that time the movie was controversial because the killer was dressed as Santa and the PTA fought to have this movie removed from theaters ( I have to give props to the previous director, nice job). After its theater release, which was at the same time as Wes craven's "A nightmare on elm street, and it out grossed it, they pulled the movie out of the theaters. But it got a re-release in 1986 focusing on the controversy of course. It also got a sequel, although not as original as the first, but it still holds on its own, and has its own cult following ( I liked it). Well fast forward to the present, Silent night 2012 is a minimal remake of the original, only taking the basic premise of killer Santa going berserk on Christmas eve, with a pretty decent cast including Donal Logue and the awesome Malcolm McDowell, Director Steven C Miller at the helm this should/could be a little gem.

Silent Night

The story

In a small Wisconsin Town on Christmas Eve, the movie puts a no hold barred carnage where dear old Santa gets creative in disposing the naughty ones. He uses all sorts of tools to get the job done, axes, flamethrower and even a wood chipper comes along, when Santa puts you down you stay down. While of course there is the defending force of the small town, consisting of McDowell as the grumpy old man, and the female Deputy Jaime King ( who has experience with horror movies lately in the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Mothers day and The Tripper. And Donal Logue the prime suspect according to McDowell plays his role like always. They movie seems to have a simple plot, with Santa having a list of sorts (let's call it the "I will kill you in a gruesome way list") and he starts his journey through "old Wisconsin had a farm town" They reason why I like Steven C Millers directing, is because he doesn't hold back on the horror/carnage/gore, he delivers the goods. Blood flows and limbs will be severed, and I think a lot of Horror fans will enjoy, when Santa punishes the naughty ones ( if they are really naughty we don't necessarily know).

Silent Night

And of course what would a horror movie like this be without the nudity, there is enough nudity for everyone mwhahahaha. So we have Blood, we have Gore, we have nudity and a cardboard thin plot, and all of that in Full High Definition, may the gods have mercy. I have to admit, it's not in the likes of great remakes like "The Hills Have Eyes or Dawn of the Dead", but it beats the hell out of the awful "A nightmare on Elm Street remake". And being not fond of remaking classics, I have to give this one a go.

Silent Night

If you want an evening full of bloody Gore, nude girls running around topless and a storyline that makes you say "Uhhh" this one is a definite watch for you.



Silent Night


Silent Night


Steven C. Miller






Jaime King, Malcolm McDowell and Donal Logue