Storage 24 Review

Movie: Storage 24
By: Maniac E
Date: December 11, 2012

Will their first contact be their last?

Noel Clark's latest attempt in the horror genre is the alien is out to get you kind of thing. Storage 24 is what you should expect of it, the good old days when E.T. simply wanted to phone home are long gone. Now, if aliens descend on Earth, they don't want to sit contentedly in the basket of a child's bicycle and soar serenely across a perfect moonlit sky.

Take three blokes, two blonde girls and one sinister alien creature, trap them inside an enclosed space for 90 minutes, and you've got the somewhat familiar premise of Noel Clarke's latest co-production, which takes a storage locker as its claustrophobic setting of choice. Handing over the directing reins to Johannes Roberts, Clarke penned the script and stars as Charlie, a fairly whiny and uninspiring sort who's just been unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) when the aforementioned extraterrestrial arrives on the scene. If you're thinking this should put his problems into perspective, you're vastly underestimating just how self-centered our hero is.

Storage 24

I first need to get this off my chest, the movie is predictable. It wouldn't be that bad but every cliche thing tags along and with every scene you will be like... YEAH I've seen this before. Have you ever seen 2 or 3 horror movies? Yes, well than you will know the pick order in this one already! Dumb decisions are being made the whole time going to dark places where there was a noise. Some shitty romance thing that is completely out of place is mixed in which doesn't help the story at all.

Storage 24

But it maybe all familiar ground for most at least the visuals and sound department are top notch. I was pretty amazed by the visuals, remember this isn't a movie with a high budget. The creature design is by the extremely talented Paul Hyett, who has also worked on The Descent, Attack the Block, and many more. The alien is a mix of practical effects and CGI enhancements. The latter are barely noticeable and the creature itself is a huge, nasty, and imposing beast. When it kills it does not hold back. The attacks are quite gory and brutal (though a little too infrequent).

Storage 24

The cast of the movie is pretty well set up it is just thin writing that really necks this movie and bad soapy escapades which really weren't needed in this movie. More than that, Laura Haddock, who was so likeable in The Inbetweeners Movie, is given comparatively little to do, especially when placed as the innocent in an uncomfortable allegory about women in relationships. It's only from press for the film that I discovered that Storage 24's main gribbly is supposed to be female. Next to Shelley's treatment of Charlie, this puts the alien's tendency to actually rip out people's hearts in a new light.

Storage 24

Even with thin characterization, misjudged pacing and a couple of profoundly grating performances, Storage 24 isn't terrible. The worst you could accuse it of being is generic, but given just how little big-screen science fiction gets made on these shores and given the strength of recent offerings like Moon and Attack the Block it's hard to make excuses for its failure to be more.



Image quality

Sharp images flash by and it all adds to the gritty and hard feel the movie wants to capture. The quality is sharp in 1080p transfer.


True HD5.1 track can be found here with all the screaming and violence coming straight at you with this one. It won't blow you away but the sound design here is top notch!



The movie itself isn't the biggest success but it does have it's moments. The audio and image quality is really nice and it ended up making it atleast worth renting.



Storage 24


Storage 24


Johannes Roberts






Noel Clarke, Colin O'Donoghue and Antonia Campbell-Hughes