Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Review

Movie: Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
By: Maniac E
Date: October 18, 2012

Face your fear

There are a few things you need to know before watching this movie. 1: This is part 5 what good could come from this? 2: A straight to dvd release 3. It's freaking grotesque 4. Not for the faint hearted. This means it is more of the same and just bloodier than ever!

The cutting-edge terror continues when a small mining town hosts the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where crowds of costumed partygoers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But a killer celebration soon gives way to a blood-soaked feeding frenzy when an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students who are just dying for a good time. Little do they know all hell breaks loose after that they bumped into an old man in the streets that cannibal hillbilly's will try and kill them.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

The challenge with any franchise is keeping it fresh in some way. How many films about deformed hillbillies capturing youngsters and eating them in the backwoods of West Virginia can there be before it just cannot go on? Wrong Turn 5 mixes things up a bit with the introduction of a non-deformed hillbilly serial killer who's been hiding out in the woods for 30 years, played by none other than Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley. The addition of this different kind of character helps to keep this film from being a simple repeat of those from the past. It would have been nice to have a bit more set-up of his involvement, how he got tangled up with the hillbillies in the first place, where he's been all this time, etc. etc., but we don't need to get too nitpicky.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

As said above this installment of the franchise is more bloody than before, ears get cut, arrows get stuck in legs, arms get chopped, electrocution and more, it's a bloody rollercoaster. The gore in this flick is one of the reasons why it went straight to dvd but in the end it is a low budget movie with a bad written script to go with it. If you want a slasher movie well you found one for sure with part 5. Normally most movies aren't too graphic but this one really doesn't keep you guessing it is a full on attack on your well being.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

This movie is a fun ride for the ones that can handle it, the acting is okay (I still don't know why Bradley said yes to this) but all the stupid horror parts walk by people going out on their own and get screwed. There is sex in this thing way more than his predecessors. Actors are brought in by scene so don't expect anyone to stick around. The gore is the pure selling point here it is gruesome and spares no one and just like part 4 the ending makes room for a part 6, so you are warned. There are a million little things that will bug the crap out of you, so if you need anything other than a flimsy excuse for a bunch of deformed cannibalistic hillbillies to chop up and eat a bunch of college kids, then choose another movie to watch. By far the goriest just remember all the teen slasher stuff comes along.



Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines


Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines


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Camilla Arfwedson, Roxanne McKee and Doug Bradley