Watch the Giallo Opening for Berberian Sound Studio

The opening credits for Berberian Sound Studio will take you back to some of Dario Argento's classic giallo films. The buzz on the movie is a little interesting in that it depends entirely on who you ask. At any rate it sounds pretty interesting and the opening you can check out below is pretty damn spiffy.

1976: A timid soundf engineer from rural Surrey arrives in Italy to work on a mysterious horror film, mixing bloodcurdling screams with the grotesque sounds of hacked vegetables. But as the onscreen violence seeps into his consciousness reality and fantasy become blurred and the nightmare starts to awake. Daringly original and masterfully constructwed, this inspired homage to 70's Giallo horror is a devastating assault on the eyes and brain, already being compared to the films of Imgmar Bergman and David Lynch.

Berberian Sound Studio