By: Maniac E
Date: June 18, 2011

Top 10: Horrifically Hot Horror Movie Villains

Throughout the years horror movies contained a bad guy or a villain but sometimes it works the other way around. A female character is the one dominating the villain role and shows us what a real woman can do in our biggest nightmares.

jennifers body

No.10 Megan Fox, ‘Jennifer’s body’ (2009)

A newly possessed cheerleader turns into a killer who specializes in offing her male classmates. Tearing them into pieces like its nothing, Megan goes all out in this role and showing us what she’s really like. True colors won’t show until you see her in this role. Thumbs up…. I mean half a thumb.

Cat People

No.9 Natassja Kinski, ‘Cat People’ (1982)

Consider what frame of mind Paul Schrader was in when he thought of this: Let’s make a movie about a long-lost race of cat-people who morph into murderous panthers after having sex. Oh, and wait – the only time they don’t morph is when they’re committing incest! An instant classic! Whatever you think of the film, you have to appreciate another addition to the vast, vast collection of Kinski nudie films. Thank you 1980s, thank you.

land of the dead

No.8 Asia Argento, Land of the Dead (2005)

If you’re a hot babe and you can kill zombies, you’ve got it made. Naughty’s are all about ass-kicking chicks with buns and breasts of steel, a description that fits luscious young Asia Argento to a tee. Daughter of Italian horror master Dario Argento, Asia plays Slack, a sexed up zombie slayer whose sensuality totally dominates this movie. But will director George Romero let her get on with anyone? Nope, nada. Damn you Romero.


No.7 Anne Parillaud, ‘Innocent Blood’ (1992)

French vampire with a heart of gold Anne Parillaud is a vision throughout this lame horror-comedy from John Landis, spending most of her time mincing around her apartment in her undergarments (decked out with thousands of candles, naturally) and sating her taste for blood with members of the Mob. Look out for her sex scene with a young Anthony LaPaglia, who has to handcuff her to the bed to protect himself. French ladies are quite a handful, after all.


No.6 Aimee Brooks, ‘Monster Man’ (2003

Okay, so it turns out this hot goth hitchhiker is into more than just wild humping in motels and being felt up unconscious. It does seem as though a shovel in the face and a couple of mutant, murderous siblings is a small price to pay for what is some incredibly hot action. So what if she’s a Satanist? Who are we to judge? It certainly hasn’t convinced us not to pick up chicks on the side of the road.

return of the living dead

No.5 Linnea Quigley, ‘Return of the Living Dead’ (1985)

Who knew that a butt-naked androgynous redhead dancing in a graveyard could be so damn hot? Forget Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee – this is the aerobics video we were all waiting for. And Linnea didn’t waste any time cashing in on her 15 seconds; in fact, she hasn’t stopped, though the march of time has certainly interfered with her sex appeal somewhat. Vintage horror hotness at its hottest.

Queen of the damned

No.4 Aaliyah, ‘Queen of the Damned’ (2002)

This is another fast-forward job – late R&B singer Aaliyah doesn’t make her platinum bikini entrance until the last 40 minutes. Slithering and lip smacking as she leaves a trail of corpses in her wake, Aaliyah may be a little cheese on the hip-swinging, but her body comes valiantly to her defense. Much titular action soon follows, and a litany of victims get their ‘le petit mort’ before biting the dust. Scha-wing.

From dusk till dawn

No.3 Salma Hayek,‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996)

If there is a better example of a vampire luring victims into a bar by lap dancing with a python wrapped around her neck, we’re yet to find one. Our advice? Fast forward to this scene, and spend two hours watching it on repeat. Salma Hayek looks like she’s been wearing a corset since she was a toddler; how else to explain that waist and those breasts? If we are put on earth for one purpose, then you can be sure this was Salma’s.


No.2 Natasha Henstridge, ‘Species’ (1995)

Recipe for making a six-foot supermodel hell-bent on sex and violence: combine human and alien DNA, spawn a female baby, raise her in a glass cage and leave the door ajar one night. And let the lusty rampage begin. Desperate to mate, Natasha spends most of the film exacting Darwinian theory over her hapless male conquests – one sniff of a genetic flaw and they get the praying mantis treatment. Not that different to the behavior of single women in their mid-thirties, really.

Haeckel’s Tale

No.1 Leela Savasta, Haeckel’s Tale (2006)

What is it about deformed, slimy corpses being sexually defiled that really does it for us? Two words: Leela Savasta. Sweaty, naked Leela Savasta. Forget the rest of the movie – we’re all about the massive orgy that happens near the end, where Leela straddles corpse after corpse and rides them like a manic matador. Fortunately, despite her husband’s protesting, the necro-fornication continues unabated.


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