By: Kries Tyfus
Date: June 6, 2011

Top 5: Most Controversial Scenes

There are many movies that include sick and disturbing scenes that just won't escape your mind, even when the movie is over. This top 5 of most controversial scenes was a really tough one, simply because there are so many. It took me a couple of days.. what did I say? It took me a couple of weeks to figure it out. So here it is. From my own point of view: the top 5 of most controversial scenes ever.


Top 5: Most Controversial Scenes Ever

Counting down from 5 to 1..


05. The Loved Ones: Power Drill Sequence

This is the most recent production in our list. The Loved Ones (2009), directed by Sean Byrne, is a teenage horror flick and may be considered one of the best movies coming from Australia this past few years. When Lola, a.k.a. Princess, asks Brent to be her date for the upcoming high school prom and gets rejected, revenge will be sweet. Along with her dad, she kidnaps Brent and they tie him up to a chair. From this point they start doing all sorts of experimental things, such as using a power drill to dig a hole through the forehead. And just to top if off.. they put some hot boiled water right into the hole. This scene isn’t really gory. You don’t get to see much, but it’s one of those scenes that keeps haunting your mind throughout the entire movie and after. It’s just the idea of how it may feel like. It’s one of those scenes that makes people go “have you seen that movie called The Loved Ones?”, while the other one replies “you mean that movie with the drilling sequence?” You know. It just makes you think twice before rejecting someone, I guess.


04. Class of 1984: Rape Scene

Class of 1984 isn’t really a horror movie, but it’s full of explicit violence and obscene language. It’s about a teacher getting a new job at one of the most brutal high schools America has ever known. It gets really personal when a bunch of punks are testing his limits. There’s one scene that stands out among many others and that’s the raping scene. I’ve seen a lot of rape scenes throughout the years, but this one is a bit different. Because you have already seen much of what those punks are capable of, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, the story continues with a scene where the teacher’s wife is getting raped and gets photographed to pass it over to the teach. Just think about it, it’s one of the high school students raping his wife. I think that made this scene so controversial. And people are still talking about it these days.


03. The Toxic Avenger: Roadkill Kiddo

Those who haven’t seen The Toxic Avenger at least once in their life, should be a ashamed. This Troma classic, directed by Michael Herz/Lloyd Kaufman, includes a scene that may be really disturbing to some. A group of youngsters are cruising down the road during midnight out of complete boredom. They start playing a game, when a kid (about 11 or 12 years old) shows up on his bike and they decide to hit him on purpose for some amount of points. The kid crashes right onto the car, flying on top of it, to be landing behind them onto the concrete ground. When they look behind, they see the kid is still gasping for breath. So to them, that will lead no other choice than putting the car in reverse to run him over, again. But this time the car runs right over the little kid’s head and it splashes into pieces. Just to close their average day, the chicks who were sitting in the car both get out to get some nice shots of it. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a ‘roadkill’ happening during a movie, but hell was I sure it was the first time ever I saw it happen to a young innocent kiddo. Especially for an early 80s movie, this sort of things were kind of daring. Maybe I got a sick and twisted mind, but I really love this scene.


02. I Spit On Your Grave: Bathtub Scene

This movie doesn’t even need an introduction. I’m quite sure everybody knows this one and even those who haven’t seen it, know that this is a movie with a cult status that has been banned in many countries for many years. This movie doesn’t include just one of those scenes that can be considered controversial, it has a handful of them. But there’s one in particular that blows my mind and I just wish it would never happen to me. If so, I might consider myself go living an Emo-lifestyle, to eventually kill myself. There’s the bathroom scene where a woman and this dude are in the bathtub, but then she grabs a knife from the bathroom floor without his notice and then strikes out to cuts off his teeny-weeny-diggelah-doo. That’s how Ned Flanders would describe it. It just makes you go “ouch..” and it’ll set a funny rather disorderly look on your face. I mean, especially when you’re a guy.


01. Sleepaway Camp: Shocking Climax

Here it is.. our number 1 most controversial scene ever. If you have never seen the first Sleepaway Camp movie then just stop reading now, because I might spoil the ending for you. So just click on that little x at the top of your screen., but if you’re curious or just don’t give a rats ass, I’ll tell you right now what makes this scene more controversial than those above. Sleepaway Camp is about some teenagers on summer camp. One of the main characters is Angela. Angela is really shy and utterly the silent type with a childhood background that isn’t really about pretty flowers, candy canes and choo-choo trains. She’s been through a lot and that may be have lead to her sick and twisted urge of killing fellow campers. All this time you thought you were dealing with some cute little innocent girl.. oh well, no so innocent after all.. but when the movie is at its end, you’ll get see the most shocking climax in the history of horror film making: a full frontal nude Angela! Well, not that there’s anything wrong with that. You just wish you knew that Angela was actually born a boy way earlier, before getting the hots for her. She looks like a girl, but her teeny-weeny-diggelah-doo is swinging back around and again in her panties where you just can’t see it.


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