By: Maniac E
Date: May 30, 2011

Asia more than just strange

Lately a lot of great movies are coming from France. Movies like ‘Martyrs’, ‘Inside’, ‘Frontier(s)’, but don’t forget what’s been brought to us from Asia. This special is about must see gory, splatter, horror and special movies. I won’t be going through the complete Takashi Miike franchise because most of the people out there already know movies like ‘Ichi the Killer’, and ‘Audition’. This is a special for lesser known movies and are just a few of my recommendations.


10)Save the Green Planet aka Jigureul jikyeora! (2003)

Phone movie

Country: Korea
The genre-bending black comedy sci-fi horror thriller Save the Green Planet! marks the feature debut of writer/director Jang_Jun-hwan. Shin_Ha-kyun of Joint_Security_Area stars as Byun-gu, an eccentric beekeeper who, with the help of his tightrope walker girlfriend, Sooni (Hwang_Jeong-min), kidnaps a powerful and successful businessman, Man-sik (Baek_Yun-shik). Byun-gu believes that Man-sik is an alien from the planet Andromeda, one of many hiding among us and plotting to destroy the Earth in a few days. Amphetamine-popping Byun-gu sees himself as the planet's last hope, and sets about torturing Man-sik with relish, trying to convince him to contact the "Royal Prince" and call off Armageddon. A battle of wits and wills ensues, with Man-sik trying to convince his captors that he's human and attempting to escape. Man-sik recognizes Byun-gu as a disgruntled former employee whose comatose mother suffers from a mysterious illness. It begins to seem that Byun-gu's true motivation may be personal, but he's still ruthlessly determined to get Man-sik to confess and cooperate, even if he has to risk killing him. Meanwhile, a disheveled detective, Chu (Lee_Jae-yong), and his young acolyte, Inspector Kim (Lee_Ju-hyeon), discover that the person who kidnapped Man-sik may have struck several times before, always with deadly results. The distinctly offbeat Save the Green Planet! was a box-office flop in South Korea, but it won some acclaim on the festival circuit. The film had its U.S. premiere at the 2004 New York Korean Film Festival.

9)Sick Nurses aka Suay Laak Sai (2007)

Sick Nurses movie

Country: Thailand
A Thai Horror Seven pretty, scantily dressed nurses along with chief surgeon are involved in sick and twisted trade of debauchery and death while working in a strange and creepy hospital. Each nurse has their own secret obsession. Those obsessions are to ultimately become the topic of their fate.

8)Phone aka Phon (2002)

Phone movie

Country: Korea
An investigative reporter, Ji-Won, Starts receiving a series of menacing phone calls. When a friend's young daughter innocently answers the ringing telephone, she begins to exhibit increasingly crazed behaviour.

7) Evil Dead Trap aka Shiryô no wana(1988)

Evil Dead Trap movie

Country: Japan
A TV station employee takes a camera crew out to an abandoned factory to investigate a purported snuff film that was made there, only to end up running for her life when a small, fetus-like creature murders her crew.

6) Dark Water aka Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara (2002)

Dark Water movie

Country: Japan
After winning a custody battle for her daughter, Yoshimi tries to make a new start. The apartment she moves into seems perfect at first. Soon though, strange things begin happening. Huge water stains appear on the ceiling and drip constantly, more liquid oozing into the rooms every day. She calls the landlord in but he refuses to do anything about it. A child's red bag shows up in odd places and soon the child herself starts appearing. Yoshimi then discovers the origin of the ghost.

5) Colic aka dek hen pee (2006)

colic movie

Country: Thailand
Colic is a syndrome found in infants, which causes infants to cry continuously for hours. The reason behind this illness is usually credited by medical expects to a number of factors. However, some people believe that it's linked to something supernatural. "Colic" tells a story of a couple (Pongpob and Phraeploy) who have a shotgun wedding upon discovering that Praeploy has unexpectedly become pregnant. After the wedding, Pongpob brings Phraeploy to his mother's suburban home. The night before Praeploy delivers the child, the house next to theirs catches on fire. When the baby is delivered, and is brought to their house, he screams and cries with no reason. The doctor considers the baby has colic, and tells the couple that the ailment will disappear when the baby turns 3 to 6 months old. Several months later, the baby still hasn't stopped crying...while the family's members encounter to mysterious and unexplained experiences.

4) Bio-Zombie aka Sun faa sau si (1998)

biozombie movie

Country: China
Hong Kong's answer to George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead. A soft drink tainted with bio-chemicals has the power to turn people into flesh-eating zombies. A man drinks from the bottle, and wanders into the night. As two young VCD sellers (Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee) from a local mall are returning to the mall with their bosses' car, they hit the man. Unsure of what to do, they bring the man back to the mall with them. The mall closes, and soon there are zombies everywhere! A small group of mall employees must bond together to try and fight their way out.

3) Teruo Ishii's: Horrors of Malfromed Men aka Kyôfu kikei ningen: Edogawa Rampo zenshû (1969)


Country: Japan
Not knowing if he's sane or deranged, medical student Hirosuke Hitome (Teruo Yoshida) escapes from an asylum and tries to piece together his past. Wanted for a murder he didn't commit, Hirosuke makes his way to the coast, where he finds that he is virtually identical (right down to the swastikas carved into the soles) to a man named Genzaburo Komoda, who has just been buried. They may be brothers. Hirosuke takes the corpse's place and fakes a miraculous return from the dead. Both Genzaburo's widow and mistress pursue Hirosuke for sex, and threatening letters appear. More murders occur until Hirosuke takes a boat to the mysterious island where his reclusive, deformed father Jogoro (Tatsumi Hijikata) is said to be preparing some kind of 'earthly paradise.' Hirosuke instead finds that his father is a madman ruling scores of captive women and freakish deformities. Hirosuke's mother is a prisoner chained in a cave. Jogoro expects his son to help him transform his 'normal' prisoners into more monstrosities -- through atrocious surgery!

2)Meat Grinder aka Cheuuat gaawn chim (2009)

Meat Grinder

Country: Thailand
Meat Grinder takes you to taste the bizarre horror of traditional noodle recipe cooked by Bus, a woman who owns a noodle stall, a unique noodle stall. Bus has been living with tension and stress for all of her life, she works hard for her family as a noodle cook. Sometimes, she is controlled by a mysterious voice that suggests her to do or not to do things. One day, she encounters a chaos in town and is rescued by a guy named Uttapol who later becomes her companion. That evening after the chaos, Bus surprisingly discovers a guy lying dead under her stall, she discreetly looks at him and comes up with her new recipe. Bus begins to slice his flesh, mix it with spices, and throw it into her noodle pot. After her secret recipe is introduced, Bus gains so many customers and reputation of her delicious noodle. Meanwhile, the haunting voice still keeps talking to her, and tell her what to do. Bus tactfully starts to lure and murder people. The more she kills, the more of her dark side reveals. And when Uttapol begins to suspect Bus' behavior, he stumbles on the evil of her as he is now the hunted.

1) Strange Circus aka Kimyô na sâkasu (2005)

Strange Circus

Country: Japan
From the director of the cult hit Suicide Club comes an unsettling look at the life of a sexually-abused adolescent whose inability to distinguish her mother's pleasure from her own pain sends her down a dark and surreal path. Sexually molested by her father Gozu (Hiroshi Oguchi) and mentally tormented by her jealous mother Sayuri (Masumi Miyazaki), twelve-year old Mitsuko (Rie Kuwana) is locked in a cello case and forced to watch her parents perform a series of intimate acts. When Mitsuko's mother dies as the result of a fatal fall, the deeply disturbed young girl begins to believe that she has, in fact, been transformed into her own mother. Her father viewing the death of his wife and mental malaise of his daughter as a motivator to ramp up the incestuous relations with his increasingly unhinged offspring, Mitsuko eventually ends up restricted to a wheelchair following a failed suicide attempt. Later, it begins to appear that the preceding events were nothing more than the details of a new novel by reclusive, wheelchair-bound author Taeko (also Miyazaki). When Taeko's trusted editor places his fey personal assistant Yuji (Issei Ishida) in charge of the successful writer, the probing Yuji launches a clandestine investigation into Taeko's background while simultaneously being forced to satisfy her deepest and darkest fantasies.


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