By: Maniac E
Date: May 27, 2013

House of the Long Shadows: Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee turned 91 and this is for us time to look back at what his his top 5 performances where. This list will include a few non horror related movies they do show the diversity of the man, Lee is not just an actor, but a decorated military man and bombastic heavy metal singer, with a crazy family lineage to boot.


Christopher Lee

Similarly to Dracula, but on a far lesser scale, the character of Fu Manchu has become entirely associated with Lee. In a series of five films, Lee donned heavy makeup to simulate an oriental look and chew the scenery as the East’s most devious villain, a dastardly Chinese doctor who plots a series of diabolical schemes to achieve world domination


Christopher Lee

Mr Lee was in full effect first in the Star Wars prequels and made a complete new trilogy as a sith jedi. But if you thought he could only be a jedi, think again. He claimed the role of Saruman and was a white wizard and owning Gandalf. The actor brings his usual magnetism to the role of Saruman and I find it difficult to dislike him, regardless of the fact he is scrupulously selfish and utterly evil!


Christopher Lee

As cousin of the Bond author Ian Fleming, he was close to the James Bond franchise from the beginning. Lee was even asked to play Dr No himself but he refused the role. In the man with the golden gun, Lee shows us a bad guy that is maybe even as charming as James Bond himself. Unlike other villains Lee has played, with Scaramanga he blends a mix of humour, malevolence and charm to create a uniquely engaging character.


Christopher Lee

This was one of the roles he played for free as a gift to screenwriter Anthony Shaffer. Due to the lack of budget he ended up playing the role for free. Lee has said in multiple interviews this role was he all time favourite. Summerisle still strikes fear within me despite his relatively brief appearance on screen. Defying its low budget, The Wicker Man generates an extremely tense atmosphere that is only heightened during Lee’s sinister and sincere sequence.


Christopher Lee

What else could be on the number one spot mr Lee has played the role 10 times. The character of Dracula has become so synonymous with Christopher Lee that for many people who do not know his work, it would be permissible to assume that this had been his only role. In the series of Dracula films produced by Hammer over a fifteen-year period Lee brought a unique sophistication to role of the vampire Count that had not been present in earlier characterisations. Whilst Bela Lugosi’s original portrayal in 1931s Dracula (directed by horror stalwart Todd Browning) may be the iconic image of a vampire for many people, Lee managed to place a strong stamp on the role and make it his own.

Let's hope mr Lee will be around to enjoy his new trilogy The Hobbit. As for us we shall remember his work no matter if you just like his horror movie stuff, or the Star Wars stuff, or the James Bond stuff, or the Lord of The Rings stuff.. and other stuff. This man is a man that breaths movies and really made sure he could do whatever he wanted!


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