By: Maniac E
Date: October 14, 2012

Make the best Halloween!

It's that time of the year again! Halloween is only 2 weeks away from us and with that the question rises what should I do for Halloween? This special is all about that question, we will try and give you a few tips from make-up to decoration and more!

What is Halloween?

To answer the question, we have to go back to a time and place in which the ancient pagan calendar was in effect and two festivals divided the year into Summer and Winter. Originally the day we currently known as Halloween, also known as the witches' new year, was a celebration that was part of the Celtic Feast of Samhain (sah–ween), the grand celebration marking the beginning of the Winter season. The festivals were also known to have included animal sacrifices, offerings to the dead, and bonfires in memory of the departed.

Halloween Special

What to wear?

Dressing up is part of the Halloween tradition and it is also one of the things that really need to be done right to impress friends and family. You can of course dress up like your favorite movie slashing maniac, like Jason or Freddy but you can also just be more creative and make your own make up, or your own complete outfit. Here are a few good ones for you to enjoy.

Pinhead to the rescue:

Freddy is coming:

And of course the zipper face (which looks brutal!)

More for the hightech maniacs:

Special for the ladies

As for the ladies most want to be good looking and some just don't want to put on extra make-up. Well good thing for those out there the nail department can help you out.

Decoration is the key

Now that your outfit is all set up you need decoration to go with it and first off this doesn't have to be expansive at all! There a lot of tips and tricks you can look up for decoration. From cupcakes to complete living room adjustments all is possible as long as you want to put in the effort and time to create things. It's not necessary that everything is scary sometimes goofy stuff can uplift the eerie atmosphere and ease the tention just before another big scare (trust me it works!).

The pumpkin carving

The traditional carving is a thing you need to master but once you do you get the most impressive stuff!

Where to begin the basics

What is possible

In house?


Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

Again all the things you see are just to trigger your imagination and are done by people that inspired others. Some things are easy some aren't no matter what you do just make sure you have fun making and creating it all! We from SlashingThrough.com hope you find a few things to use and hopefully your Halloween will be bigger than ever before!


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