By: Maniac E
Date: October 6, 2012

Hellraiser 25th anniversary edition box

Hellraiser has always been a franchise with ups-and-downs. There is always a lot to do about the releases of Hellraiser mainly because most boxes never had all of the movies in it. You had certain boxes with 1,2, and 3, boxes with 1 to 5 or boxes that went to up seven. Maybe you think that ah who cares for that the last movies sucked anyways but for me as an horror fanatic I like to have my complete movies together in a well-made box. So we have the 25th anniversary dvd box in from E1 Entertainment.

E1 Entertainment which was used to be RCV in the Benelux has bought all the rights for all the movies including the last Hellraiser movie and combined them in one package. Instead of a black box like the older version we get a slick looking white box that has all the 9 discs in it. The box itself is of hard cardboard material with a glossy finish. In the box you have carton holder where all the discs are in some sort of click system plastic casing. In the end my thoughts are it isn't that sturdy and in time the plastic holders can break easily. Carton of the holder itself is okay but could have been a lot stronger quality.

Hellraiser 25th anniversary box

All the discs have the same art work on them only the names of the movies itself differ from each other which is a bit of a shame. Since each movie has their unique artwork but it with this box I don't mind that they went for a more overall look for the discs. In the end it is more important what the discs contains than the label of the discs. Comparing this to my old Hellraiser box this just tops it even if it isn't the most spectacular box you will have in your collection.

Hellraiser 25th anniversary box

But what about the discs themselves? Well we have a Dutch saying "Oude wijn in nieuwe zakken" (old wine in new bags) meaning the discs throughout the years haven't changed one bit. You still see the old RCV logo screens which is a shame since it is now E1 Entertainment. Don't expect anything new here except the latest movie and all the movies combined in one box. The movies are still watchable but some scenes are just horrendous to watch on your fullHD tv.

Hellraiser 25th anniversary box

The box is good looking finally bringing all the movies together but there are many things stopping it from being the best box ever, there are hardly no extra's, there aren't any new transfers of the movies, and the old RCV logo's haven't been replaced. But if you want to slick looking box and all the movies together than this is an instant buy. Hellraiser still awaits new transfers like the bluray release of it but one can only dream of that day to come.

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And we want to thank E1 Entertainment for the box that was send to us to review


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