Devil's Playground Review

Movie: Devil's Playground
By: Tonypulp
Date: January 24, 2012

Middle of the road

Another film about an infection spreading through London is not really a save bet if you ask me. 28 Days Later has set a standard for these genre flicks from the UK. Dead Set was definitely on that -high- level but I can't think of any other titles that came close or were even decent enough to be mentioned right now. Anyhow, Devil's Playground is actualy a solid action-filled debute by Mark McQueen.

As the world succumbs to a zombie apocalypse, Cole, a hardened mercenary, is chasing the one person who can provide a cure. In his way aren't only the flesh eating super athletic cannibals as humanities greatest danger, are people themselves! This synopsis contains both strenghts and weaknesses. On one side you have the badass cast and nicely directed action, but then you have the 'athletic' zombies...what the hell?

devils playground 1

Running, aggressive and insane infected are one thing, but watching them performing 'parkour' is just wáy to much for a classic zombie lover such as myself. There's nothing left of the original formula, which is a god damn shame in some cases. Devil's Playground definitely suffers from this, but it still has plenty to offer in between the wicked undead stunts.

devils playground 2

MyAnna Buring is always a nice actress to watch (Lesbian Vampire Killers and the recent 'Kill List') and Danny Dyer is pretty cool, along with Craig Fairbrass of course who is the real badass. One major flaw is the sloppy beginning. The storytelling isn't always spot on and the shining white lab never really seems to work for me, enviroment wise. It isn't untill they baracade themselves -or travel- that I actualy get the excitement going.

devils playground 3

It's just a mixed bag. It takes a while before you get into it, and once you do start to like it you'll be a witness to a crime against genre-rules. It's often quite painful to watch with all the random slowmotion and fast forwarding, especialy the beginning is ruined by these horrible tricks to make it more flashy. No time to show anything for more than 2seconds without cutting to the next shaky shot.


It does get better though with some 'ok' gore and pretty decent acting, if that's worth anything. I just can't help but feel that Mark really missed out on this opportunity. It had the elements but he was having a hard time connecting them wisely. Now it's sloppy.



Devil's Playground


Devil's Playground


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Jaime Murray, Danny Dyer and MyAnna Buring