Hidden 3D Review

Movie: Hidden 3D
By: Maniac E
Date: January 24, 2012

A ridiculous mess

As if the unoriginal storyline wasn't bad enough (A guy inherits creepy mansion where something "just isn't right"), this English-speaking Italian horror flick makes so little sense, and has so little tension packed into it, that we think maybe it's meant to be a crazy Italian comedy. Let's break down the plot and count the ways in which this movie confounds us:

Some guy's mom was a crazy doctor doing experiments which had something to do with addiction, and somehow spawned angry bees and kids with no eyes, which is never really explained at all. When she dies, he inherits the hospital and heads there with a group of friends. We have no idea why. They just go there because "It'll be good for you." When they arrive, they find a "Team" that one of the guys brings with them to the mansion, that consists of one crotchety old man in a van, who serves absolutely no purpose in the movie at all. We never get a hint why he's there, or how one person could be called a team.

hidden pic 1

The group of friends begins to look around and chase bees, while "The Team" grouses around and wanders off into some lonely part of the hospital. Upon finding a secret staircase behind a hidden door in a mysterious room, one of the characters exclaims "The stairs keep going down, it's crazy!" Yeah. It's insane to imagine stairs going up or down, because that's not the defining characteristic of stairs.

hidden pic 2

I'm not sure why the 3d moniker even applies here; other than the angry bees, there's not much 3D going on in the movie. And on that note, what's with the angry bees? I mena, would you follow a giant insect or a swarm of bees into a creepy old building, down into its sub-leves, all because "I'm real curious about those bees?" No. You wouldn't. Neither would anyone else with half a brain. Hell, 1/8th of a brain.

hidden pic 3

Ghost kids appear and disappear, only to reappear again before disappearing. Maybe they're the beekeepers? In one riveting scene, upon seeing his girlfriend dragged off by whatever drags her off, he just kind of stands there like "Oh man, that sucks." In all fairness to him though, he could have been on a large dosage of Xanax for all we know, and maybe he was just feeling all mellow and serene. For the rest of the movie we're treated to jump scares and quick cuts galore, which means nothing is even remotely scary, and we see next to nothing "Good" happen on screen. Oh wait, we do get to see one guy kick some iron bars trying to get to his girlfriend, actually thinking "Hey, I can kick through these iron bars!" Wow.

hidden pic 4

This movie is a confused and a forgettable mess . The script is shamefully bad, the acting isn't much better, and aside from running for 80 minutes or so, the movie does nothing at all. Whoever dropped the ball on this one should feel shame for tinkering around with movie that may have worked otherwise. Maybe.



Image quality

Pretty sharp dvd, the vibrant colors of the movie help a lot. Printed on dvd-9 disc helps to keep the details in place.


The sound quality varies from time to time. Pretty much sure that it is the fault of all the hands that have been touching this product. Voices aren't always that clear and some sound effects really overlap the rest of the sounds.


no extras


Very big let down, the movie itself isn't worth watching. The audio falls short and the only thing really keeps this movie standing are the visuals. Keep in mind this movie was made to scare people. One thing it does right it scared me so much that I won't ever put this in my dvd ever again! E1 tried to give this release a nice push but the movie it self just falls short.

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Hidden 3D


Hidden 3D


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Sean Clement, Simonetta Solder and Jordan Hayes