Evil Things Review

Movie: Evil Things
By: Orlok666
Date: January 7, 2012

Not so Evil Things

In the wake of a whole bunch of movies based on found footage that has been released the last years “Evil Things” surfaces. Its focus is set on 5 NY students who have the chance to reside in a house in the country but (of course) not everything goes as expected.

Thrilling ride?

The premise of the film is pretty basic and there’s nothing wrong with that, providing it is well worked-out or has some surprises But “Evil Things” lacks both. We meet the students when they’re getting ready to go to the snowy countryside and start picking up their friends. Luckily there’s a guy that just bought a new video camera so he’s bringing it along to film their trip and stay the whole time – sounds familiar doesn’t it? On their way to the house they get harassed several times by some mysterious driver. At last they arrive to the house where they’ll be spending their weekend but things will get more worse there.


More worse

If you dealt with the ride towards the house that takes quite some time and talking, you’re in for even more talking. At the house they celebrate the birthday of one of them so that means more talking and having fun. The next day they decide to go to the woods but due some cracking sounds they panic and get lost. So the talking, blaming each other can commence again. In a snow-filled environment I’d say I’d backtrack my steps towards the house but I guess the groups will for survival doesn’t bring up the best in them. But they actually manage to reach the house in the end yet the horror for them – and for us - doesn’t stop there.


Too little, too late

In the last 10 to 15 minutes of the movie finally the action happens but if you survived the movie by then you’ll think it’s far too little and far too late to save the movie. Of course this mysterious driver is the one attacking them but you’ll never get to see the person. I think not seeing one single bit al all of the attacker didn’t work. Only at the very end you just get a hint. Making some or something threat works better when a presence is there but you don’t get that feeling at all.


The movie suffers from far too much talking and not enough points where you really get grabbed by the balls to keep your mind with the movie. Even though the acting is quite believable and good the film needs more to stay interesting, especially in a now overcrowded found footage flood. And when the end titles start to run you see recordings from the attackers view but they don’t add much to the experience. All in all there isn’t much evil present in this movie.



Evil Things


Evil Things


Dominic Perez






Elyssa Mersdorf, Laurel Casillo, Torrey Weiss and Morgan Hooper