New Kids Nitro Review

Movie: New Kids Nitro
By: Maniac E
Date: December 7, 2011

The New Kids are back!

New Kids are back, most of our foreign readers probably will think ‘what the hell are new kids’. New Kids was a comedy series about an asocial group of friends that adventure through absurd stories. Last year they got their first feature movie with big budget. Now they are back and this time with guts and glory, oh and of course zombies (you know because zombies sell!).

The story:

Don’t expect any good story lines here New Kids ain’t about stories but here we go: New Kids Nitro, Friesland gets hit by a zombie plague. A green asteroid comes crashing down and spreads a disease through cow’s milk. Richard, Rikkert, Gerrie, Robbie and Barrie (The New Kids) have other problems in their home town Maaskantje. The five Brabant friends are at war with the nearby village of Brabant named: Schijndel. Their feud runs bad blood and all starts at a football match where Schijndel gets called homo’s and other stuff. This leads to illegal street racing and a mass brawls. If that Frisian zombies victimizes , Richard’s mother . The New Kids defy the greater evil and start their slaughter tour. Buckle up cunt. Nitro goes compleet koekwous jonguh!

new kids nitro 1

The movie plays out for the first part as a versus story with a little backstory of the asteroid hitting the earth. After that we get a lot of cursing and YELLING! Yes, yelling that is what it is for the most for the Maaskantje versus Schijndel parts. It is entertaining but if you are a New Kids fan you know most of the jokes. It is like the makers of the film where making a parody on themselves with this one. Not a bad thing but leaves us with a big déjà vu feeling. The movie has all the typical aspects it should have: a pergnant lady, sex, cursing (I’ve said that before), blood, guts, fights, and nudity. One can say a typical Dutch film.

new kids nitro 2

After some street races, car accidents, and more cursing. Come the slapstick jokes that are missing the spot sometimes and it makes the film feel slow and uses it as fill ups. Things start to become more interesting after the New Kids go Friesland and pack up their warfare for the ultimate fight with the Frisian zombies. Here you see a complete change in setting the images get a grainy sepia filter over them to really set it apart from the first part. Most New Kids fans would probably not be into these kind of things but for me it is just up my alley.

new kids nitro 3

The remaining zombies eventually are being disposed of in all sorts of ways, this is perhaps the most shocking image quote in a movie that is full of fat winking to different genres. A bold step to take even you know that the New Kids story doesn’t have nothing to do with horror. They dare to cross this border, this makes New Kids Nitro totally unpredictable. That's quite exciting, as long as you can see the humor. Humor that is being recycled from the other movie and the series. Don’t expect anything new on that front, but if this is your cup of tea enjoy the ride.

new kids nitro 4

While the movie isn’t for everyone the gore effects and zombies look a lot better than other zombie flicks lately. It was a good switch from the team to make this movie totally different it made a nice experience for me to watch. It still comes down to taste you either like it or not. New Kids has always been controversial with its kind of humor and the set up for the asocial group of friends that: Yell, curse, kill and laugh about everything.



New Kids Nitro


New Kids Nitro


Steffen Haars, Flip Van der Kuil


The Netherlands




Huub Smit, Tim Haars, Wesley van Gaalen