Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Gosurori shokeinin) Review

Movie: Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Gosurori shokeinin)
By: Maniac E
Date: August 5, 2011

Outrageous gonzo gore with a petite umbrella girl

I have seen many Japanese splatter movies the last few years and I have to say: if you like your movies a bit campy like me you will most of the time enjoy them. While Go Ohara directs, the real reason I wanted to check this one out was for the special effects work of Yoshihiro Nishimura. He’s done the special make-up effects work on so many flicks that I’ve loved and a giant pile of films that I still must see. His work is especially splattery and powered one of my favorite films to date, Tokyo Gore Police, a film he also directed.

Gothic lolita 1

One my think why hasn’t this been done sooner. Gothic Lolita is a trend in Japan as many will know. It involves fantasy characters from game and or manga…. And of course lots of cute girls (most of the time). Time has come to lend Lolita out to the gonzo gore machine and make it really interesting. The story plays in Tokyo of 20XX sweet and innocent Yuki (Rina Akiyama) has her birthday celebration interrupted by what could be a home invasion, where her mother and father are murdered , Jiro (Yanagi Yurei), is crippled. Somewhat years later, Jiro is acting as Yuki's personal Q, building all manner of weapon for her, and armed with her parasol of doom, Yuki methodically kills the people responsible for the earlier crime. Of course there's an outré catch to the story that Yuki discovers the hard way.

Gothic Lolita 2

Yuki transforms herself into a demon of vengeance by donning gothic lolita clothing. Sure, why not? If you are still not interested in this film, it should be noted that the film stars Rina Akiyama as Yuki, who just so happened to win the Best Buttocks award in 2007, which lead to her appearing in swimsuit photo books and earning her the nickname “The Queen of the Beautiful Ass.” Nice. Like I said not much story to go around with but there some really good things about this movie next to Rina.

Gothic Lolita 3

The special effects are again off the hook. Nishimura really lets himself go in this one. I can´t say it tops Tokyo Gore Police but it’s at least a solid movie for what it is. Yuki first hunts down a yakuza who enjoys chopping of heads before she is dispatched herself. Gothic Lolita Psycho is non-stop with Ohara-style gut-wrenching action stunts in Japanese blood-spattering gore tradition.

Gothic Lolita 4

There have been some negative reviews out there about this movie. All I can say is that it has everything you want in a over the top splatter movie. Blood is everywhere, dropping like it is raining. Like lava from a bursting volcano, don’t expect this movie to be your average walk in the park. Aside from the splatter fest, it is comprehensively choreographed and actually raises the quality of the movie in every aspect.

Gothic Lolita 5

Minor complaints aside, this is another solid entry in the splatter gore. Wielding a parasol as a deadly weapon, and executing the guilty in the name of God, this film sets out what it is trying to do. Fans of the genre will be pleased, just don´t expect an award winning movie here. After all, this is a movie about decapitations and disemboweling touching which the end result is a film not for the squeamish. When it comes to nonsensical crazy gore, Japanese filmmakers can’t be touched.



Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Gosurori shokeinin)


Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Gosurori shokeinin)


Go Ohara






Rina Akiyama, Ruito Aoyagi, Yukihide Benny, Asami