Zombie Honeymoon Review

Movie: Zombie Honeymoon
By: Kries Tyfus
Date: June 23, 2011

Love does some crazy sh!t sometimes

Zombie Honeymoon brings you a couple that just got married. Celebrating their honeymoon together in a house that belongs to some uncle Barry. With their plans of moving to Portugal in mind, this newly wed couple is able to give up about everything to realize their dreams. They give up their apartment, their jobs and their entire way of living an average American lifestyle. But would they give up on love?


Denise and Danny just got married and they are heavenly excited. Excited in a way it actually annoys me. It’s like watching two 16 year olds having a blast on their first date. Once they enter uncle Barry’s house, they freak out while teasing each other, running around and finally hit it off. After that, they spend some quality time at the beach where Denise decides to draw and Danny takes a nap. Then suddenly this weird looking man (and I’m betting on a bad odour too) shows up from the water and attacks Danny while vomiting all over his face.

Danny is being rushed to the hospital immediately. The doctors tell Denise that all hope is lost and did whatever they could to save him from dying. Just before she gets the chance to bursts into tears and probably planning on watching Oprah everyday by herself for the rest of her life, Danny wakes up. Denise and the doctors are amazed. This is where the terror begins.


Everything ended up well after all and they’re even happier than before, so they hit if off again. Danny seems to be a little rougher than before now, while gently biting his bride on several occasions, but it doesn’t bother her at all. Wow.. that Denise girl is one kinky chick. But that’s not all. As times passes on, Denise gets the impression that Danny has changed little by little ever since the incident that took place down at the beach. Even though Danny has been a vegetarian for years, he suddenly steps out of his vegan habit and starts eating meat in a way that even Viva La Bam’s Don Vito can’t handle. He also starts to have a memory loss. Not remembering anything from his previous relationship which lasted two years.

When Denise is out for shopping and gets home, Danny is nowhere to be found. She gets irritated by something she got in her eye, like a loose hair or a fluffy-something. Then goes upstairs to the bathroom to take a closer look in the mirror. There’s a rustle and some munching noises coming from the bathtub. When she opens the curtains she finds Danny sitting in the bathroom eating the guts out of a fellow neighbour, so she goes berserk and is about to leave the house in shocking condition. He goes after her, telling he’s sorry and explaining that he can’t control it. Since a marriage comes in terms of supporting each other for better or worse, she believes him and stays true to her husband. Of course, that’s a really smart thing to do. I think we all should’ve done that if we were in that kind of situation. Oh well..


When I first heard about Zombie Honeymoon, I thought it would be an interesting movie to see. Because it didn’t seem to be just another zombie flick you watch on a rainy sunday afternoon, it also involves a dramatic love story. Giving this movie a rating is actually a hard thing to do, because I got some kind of mixed thoughts about it. I really love the story and the whole concept of it. I find it quite original. The movie itself is somewhat entertaining, but I don’t know. Something is missing. But there’s definitely no lack of blood, gore and spilled guts in this one. There’s enough blood for the sick-minded among us to be satisfied with.


The story runs a little slow too and you just wish things to speed up at one point or another. Another thing that bothered me is the series of events that is caused by Danny. I mean.. the guy in the bathtub is, of course, not his only victim. There were a few more to follow but some take place during the light of day, outside of the house, and there’s absolutely no one out there that sees or hears a tiny bit of his blood-lusting actions. But on the other hand, I liked writer and director David Gebroe’s choice of giving Danny more of a disease rather than turning him into a zombie right away once he’s bitten. It’s something like 28 Days Later, but not entirely the same. So therefore I praise the story, Gebroe’s writing skills and all the effort he’s been putting in this project, but I still think the movie misses out on so many points. If Zombie Honeymoon were a book, I probably would have given it 5 stars. But since this isn’t about a book and I actually never read one, Zombie Honeymoon is getting away with only a star and a half.



Zombie Honeymoon


Zombie Honeymoon


David Gebroe






Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley, Neal Jones, Tonya Cornelisse, David M. Wallace