The Colony Review

Movie: The Colony
By: Maniac E
Date: November 5, 2013

When the earth froze, the rules of survival changed forever.

There is always something with sci-fi horror crossovers that I find fascinating and this is how my journey starts with the Colony as well. This one even stars Lawrence Fishburn, what can possible go wrong here?

In the future, after global warming, Earth is covered by ice and snow in an Ice Age. The survivors live in facilities underground named Colonies. When people from Colony 5 release a distress signal, the leader of Colony 7 Briggs organizes an expedition with Sam and Graydon to investigate what has happened to their acquaintances. Briggs leaves the scientist Kai in charge of the group, disappointing his former friend Mason that expected to be assigned to the position. They walk for two days to reach the facility where fifty persons live and they find only one survivor that is scared to death locked in a room. Soon they learn that a savage group of cannibals have slaughtered the colonists. Briggs and Sam manage to escape but the group hunts them down. Briggs sacrifices his life to blow up a bridge and slow down the group while Sam heads to Colony 7. When Sam arrives, Mason has taken the power and cuffs him, and does not believe on his words. Soon the cannibals arrive and the group has to...

The Colony

Let me first start off with the fact that this movie leaves a lot up to your own imagination. A lot of key elements aren't being told which in the end makes sure you feel left out and totally not involved with the world changings. The main characters are basically going through the earth changings and well they actually aren't that bothered with it. They never ask themselves what has caused it and how they can really fix any of it. This is a problem for me cause well main characters should at least give a damn for the viewer to give a damn. The movie just feels cold and empty just like the earth they created.

The Colony

Whatever happens, happens right? Well in this case it does because you won't feel for any of the characters I can't explain how it is possible because the acting isn't the worst ever. I guess it is because of the fact the movie isn't bringing anything new to the table while looking at the script they could have done a lot more with it.

The Colony

I can only suggest this to hardcore fans of apocalyptic horror, in the end it fell short for me. The acting, the setting and the overall feel to the movie is just a bit of snooze fest for me. I dare to say that there is a lot better movies out there that you can watch. Just ignore this one and put on a decent movie.



Image quality

Cinematographer Pierre Gill (Outlander) shot The Colony with the Arri Alexa. Post-production was completed on a digital intermediate, which would have been necessary even if it were not now standard practice, given the enormity of the digital effects. This gives the dvd a nice crisp video.


The film's original 5.1 soundtrack is presented in lossless DTS, and it effectively immerses the listener in the freezing winds and snows of this bleak world's perpetual winter.




Overall the dvd is just a vanilla disc with no extra's meaning just enjoy the sound and video quality



The Colony


The Colony


Jeff Renfroe






Kevin Zegers, Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton