Machete Kills Review

Movie: Machete Kills
By: Chev Chellios
Date: October 14, 2013

Machete don't Tweet....

Machete Cortez is back, with an all star cast delivering Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Cuba Gooding Junior, Michelle Rodriguez, Danny "MR Machete" Treyo and may more. This one is definitely for the fans, where the first one was just a start up for a new franchise, this rollercoaster has no breaks. But of course the most important question, did it deliver the goods.

Back in 2007 when Rodriguez and Tarentino made the Grindhouse double bill Planet Terror/Deathproof. Rodriguez made a fake movie trailer starring Danny Treyo as Machete. It was an instant cult classic and the fans demanded a full feature film. The origins of Machete date back to when Rodrigeuz was making Desperado also starring Antonio Banderas, the idea behind the Danny Treyo character was to make a new character like Charles Bronson's Death Wish or Chow Yun Fat's character from John Woo's The Killer. He wanted to create a new kind of Latin cinema. I think he succeeded.

Machete Kille

The Story

The story kicks off, when Machete and his partner ( the always beautiful Jessica Alba, "note" by saying beautiful I mean freaking HOTTT) try to stop an arms deal. Well shit hits the fan, when the buyers and the sellers are starting to take each other's lives, and Machete puts his name to the test. He will show them who is the boss. After being knocked out by someone we know but machete doesn't, he got strung up at the office by William Sadler ( always gets the job done) but is saved by a phone call from the president of the united states of America, played by none other than Carlos Estevez. He asks / pursues Machete to help him stop an madman gone crazy. This is where the movie starts to get interesting because the Demian Bichir character Mendez steals the show, his split personality drug lord / revolutionary gone crazy is a blast, he almost surpasses Machete with his coolness. From here on, one crazy character to another swings by, and while some are cool, unfortunately others aren't. It's a delight to see Mel Gibson on the big screen again, in a role you might not expect from him, on the other hand there are many things I wouldn't expect from him that did happen. Without spoiling the rest of the story, Rodriguez tries to pull some surprises out of his hat and where the most work, some don't.

Machete Kille

Let's continue with the woman, like I mentioned before the always beautiful Jessica Alba has a role, but also Amber Heard is smoking hot and yes machete gets some mwahahahah, Machete gets all the woman. Michelle Rodriguez is back as SHE, and she pulls of, the one eyed awesome action heroine. Sofia Vergara plays Desdemona a crazy whorehouse madam with toys straight from a Tokyo gore movie, I had a blast. And then the first role for lady singer Lady Gaga, I think it was a surprise casting her in a film like this, some will like it some don't, judge yourself and check this movie out.

Machete Kille

Visually this one has a tight look, on that part it's a little mainstream, but the rest of the film is a movie made for the fans. Where big studios only make movies for pussies nowadays, Rodriguez stays true to its roots, making hardcore original R-Rated movies, mostly with a Latin flavor. Well R-Rated it is, this one is not for the faint of heart, although it's all comical, heads getting chopped off, contestants are ripped out and many more machete slaying. The special and practical effects aren't always big budget, but it's all made with love, Latin love I might say.

Machete Kille

In the end this one is a definite keeper, I will watch this a few more times I can guarantee you that. Danny Treyo is Machete, delivering one liners and killings by the minute in all of it gory glory, and I like it a lot. A have to note that I think some viewers especially the youngsters, just don't understand these kind of movies, when you go see Machete you will get an over the top full throttle crazy action flick, nothing more nothing less. Final word ENJOY.



Machete Kills


Machete Kills


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