Warm Bodies Review

Movie: Warm Bodies
By: Maniac E
Date: July 25, 2013

There's nothing hotter than a girl with brains

So Warm Bodies has been released on bluray and dvd and now it is time for a review. Like many my thoughts about the movie were really guided by the fact people were saying this is "Twilight" but with zombies. A romantic zombie comedy as most would call it. Well let's find out if this Zomromcom is really worth a watch.

R hates feeling so alone. Then one day R and the other zombies including the closest thing he has to a friend, M (Rob Corddry) attack a group of humans who have left their walled "green zone" and gone out looking for medicine. What we learn here is that when R eats human brains, he gets that person's memories. And after killing a young man named Perry (Dave Franco), he turns and sees Julie (Teresa Palmer) fighting off the horde, and instantly falls in love with her. By saving Julie's life, R and Julie will form a relationship that could save mankind. Slowly, through this emotional connection, R is becoming more and more human. And if he can be rehabilitated, maybe the other zombies can as well.

Warm Bodies

Well at first let me be one of the people to say: "Fuck this Twilight comparison". It is a love story as many and also a story with a undead person but there is no Bella looking stoned the whole time! This does not make it a Twilight movie but with zombies, it makes it a zombie love story comedy movie. This is one of those movies were you have a bit of gore and an acceptance level for the ones that aren't into horror or the undead movies. It is an ideal movie to watch with boyfriend/girlfriend or the other way around or, you know what I mean. The movie was a lot funnier than I expected, it ended up being more than just okay it was likeable! And this is something many movies can't do for me. What really I thought was kind of funny was that R eats the boyfriend's brain and Julie in the end ends up being the most cold about the situation and makes out with the zombie that killed her boyfriend. Such is life haha.

Warm Bodies

The way the movie has been set up is something we didn't see a lot before. Yes, learning zombies we know of but actually making zombie clans and really working together no. You got chills and chases, you got some shooting action in it, you got some gore in it and most of all you can at least see a zombie movie with the balls to do something different. We have seen so many zombie movies just copying everything from each other, at least now they've done something different. What has been done with this movie is really outstanding, they made a zombie movie probably anyone could enjoy. There are some downsides as for me, I like my zombie movies gory and gross. This is not the case here it is all stylized and almost picture perfect. The story can drag a bit half way through but luckily thanks to the chases and action parts survives. The plot isn't the most brightest and leaves you thinking with the question "why is this happening? " but yeah those things happen. I rather look at this movie and think at least they thought out of the box.

Warm Bodies

Again this is not hardcore horror and really has no intention to be that. Keep this in mind because otherwise this can ruin your movie experience. It is a likeable movie which just goes to show you can expand on the zombie genre and you can make something for a bigger crowd than just the fanatic horror lovers. For me it was a nice change from most splatter and other low budget movies. It is nowhere perfect but at least I had some fun with the movie.



Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies


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Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton