World War Z Review

Movie: World War Z
By: Maniac E
Date: June 18, 2013

War is just the beginning

It is that time where summer block buster movies are coming towards us one by one, meaning World War Z as well.. Brad Pitt in the leading role let the money be poured down upon the project. With all the delays and bad press surrounding the development of the project I really was hoping it would just be bad words from people being upset about the project... Well wish it was the opposite way.

In his latest film Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former United Nations employee with the task of finding a cure to stop the zombie outbreak. The plague of the undead overruns armies and governments are losing grip on how to control the situation. Gerry is needed in new operations around the globe and wants to get his family to safety and is willing to make the difference in the war against zombies.

World War Z

I would like to ask all people that read Max Brooks novel to stop reading this review. Yes, it really is that bad and I don't want to upset anybody with my words about the movie. And yes, I am read the novel so I expected at least something out of this movie!! The thing I missed most in this movie was the atmosphere that got portrayed by the novel, although visually everything looks fine you will miss what the novel creates. Some of you will like the movie no doubt, but for me it just crashed down hard. It ended up as 200 million dollar project without a real soul to it. The final act feels just way too much like a Resident Evil movie which I really disliked. You can feel throughout the movie it had a rewrite and that focus points turned around leaving us with a movie just using the novel's world and nothing more.

World War Z

Again visually everything looks great and I must say I didn't bother me that much that the zombies were most of the time animated. I really question myself is there ever a zombie movie with zombies not having blood and guts? Well prepare yourself this is it a movie without blood and guts spilled all over the place. This to me is a no-go and it just is using the zombie hype... It is not a dull movie don't get me wrong there is plenty of action but with this action you really need more on the table to satisfy any horror/zombie lover. Other characters are just floating around Pitt's character with nothing really to say or to do. Daniella Kertesz gets the most screenplay next to Pitt since she is his 'right hand woman'. For the rest of them it is all filler.

World War Z

World War Z to me is a missed opportunity, something that could have been so much better read the novel and you will know. It doesn't have any real atmosphere acting wise it is dull, yes you got your explosions, shooting frenzy madness but that doesn't save the movie for me at all. I for sure would have liked the movie more if it wouldn't have this title because you cannot go open minded into this once you read the novel. See it more as an action movie if you do that add half a chainsaw to the rating.



World War Z


World War Z


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