Thrill of a Kill Review

Movie: Thrill of a Kill
By: Chev Chellios
Date: May 13, 2013

Yes there were Thrills, but were there enough Kills....!

This new explotation flick from norway contains all the ingredients for a splatter fest, it got plenty of nudity, thrills and kills, gore and many more. But is it enough, we will discuss that matter in a few.

The Beginning:

Shot in Norway by director Lars-Erik Lie, this is his first feature film. Lie started with a few amateur shorts way back in 1995. Before starting with the project "The Thrill of a Kill", first this project started out as a short film, but during production it evolved into a feature film. Made on a budget of 30000 KR (let's say around 5000 dollars) I think the director is a keeper, if he can pull this of with a micro budget like that, what can he do with a decent budget. I cant wait to find out and soon we can because Lars has already begun with creating a new feature film.

A Thrill of a Kill

The film is created by Lars-Erik Lie with the help of friends and relatives, this can be seen through the god awful acting during the entire film, it's undeniably bad. But on the other hand, his friends (especially the female's) don't hold back in showing the goodies, so Lars props for that. I also think a lot of other directors can learn from this guy, especially how to be creative with a minor budget and terrible actors. I've seen my share of horror movies lately and they are bad, even the bigger budget ones, people aren't creative anymore. That's why I love the exploitation genre, there sometimes you can find some interesting new thing, now and then.

A Thrill of a Kill

The Story

Teen girl Kimsy has problems with her mother and one day she reaches a breaking point and she can't handle the bitching anymore. She leaves the house (pulls on her scarf and hat, and all of a sudden I get this weird little red riding hood feel) and starts walking towards the forest. We all now the forests in Norway are enormous, so it has to have a lot of hidden secrets and evil things. She is hit down and then the unspeakable terror begins, she wakes up and the torture and rape commences, but not only for poor Kimsy, no no no there are a lot of female victims who will get their turn from the thriller killer. I have to mention when your not familiar with these kind of exploitation / low budget / amateur horror movies, you can do only two things 1. Stay as far away from this one as possible, or 2. Just give it a shot maybe your hooked for life. With Thrill of a Kill, Lars tried, in my opinion, to create a movie that goes all the way and maybe even further. This was his goal, I heard in an interview once. Well I have to give him that, that's one hell of goal he sets there.

A Thrill of a Kill

I think Lars did an excellent job in creating an entertaining little horror flick. Of course it has a few flaws, mainly the acting and the dialogue are like I said before, bad. But it has even more plusses, like for instance the horror that we are presented with, the cut tongues, slit throats, the ongoing torture and rape and even the male genitals aren't spared ( let's talk about going all the way). Within the 84 minutes, it has many cross over's, its more like a torture porn / maniac killer / revenge movie, with all genres in the mix. I think I like this movie, because you question yourself every time some strange/sick/weird thing happens, what will happen next and can it or will it surpass the previous. I enjoyed this funky/sleazy Norwegian exploitation flick, and those who can pull down there expectation bar will enjoy it as well.



Thrill of a Kill


Thrill of a Kill


Lars-Erik Lie






Kirsten Jakobsen, Arve Herman Tangen