Inside the Whore Review

Movie: Inside the Whore
By: J Rotten
Date: May 6, 2013

The story that should have been told

Inside the Whore shows us in a mockumentary what really happened in Hora, the original film from 2009. Reinert Kiil, known for: Into the White (2012) and Fatso (2008), did a well job with this 'sequel' that didn't turn out as I expected because It's a lot different than the first part. Kiil had already announced that Hora will be a trilogy ending with "What comes around Whores around".

During the shooting of the sequel to Reinert Kiil's feature film Hora, aka The Whore, a lot of mysterious things happened on the set. While shooting the sequel to The Whore, director Reinert Kiil and his director of photography join forces in an effort to make the ugliest and most grotesque film ever made. During production outside Kvam in Bergen, the crew and actors notice that there is something weird and strange going on when friends and colleagues begin to die in brutal ways. The question is whether it is the Whore who has come to life looking for revenge or whether it's actually the director who gets his dream come true about making the most horrible movie ever.

Inside the whore

What the .... was the first thing that came up in me when I saw the first 5 minutes from Inside the Whore. But let me first go to the storyline itself. When I got my hands on Inside the Whore I started to realize that I haven't seen the first part at all so I first watched Hora before I started with this one. Hora, the first part, was filled with gore, humor and nudity. Well I saw lots of nudity in the film but to be honest: maybe even to much and less gore.. From the start of Inside the Whore you know exactly what I mean. This sequel isn't filled with gore, but just a enjoyable movie to watch.

Inside the whore

The whole movie is shot with a handcam to give the movie a more realistic feeling just like Jaume Balaguero did in the movie REC. The film itself isn't bad but still I missed a bit of the gore and humor like I saw in Hora. Inside the Whore started out and ends really nasty but between the start and the ending it's a bit boring.. You're watching a mockumentary with now and then some boobies or blood splatters on the screen but that's it. I think that when Kiil spend more time in the humor, wich was much to cliche, aspect the film would have been less boring in the middle. While watching it my thoughts immediately went out to Inbred. Also a movie that starts and ends with a bang but what's boring in the middle. I believe that it's lots fun to work on a set filled with porn actresses but the product must be funny for the audience to. The few gore scenes in this film were well made. Because you see the kills thru the eyes of a camcorder you get a more realistic feeling what works out really well.

Inside the whore

Inside the Whore is more a psychological movie then Hora which was more a physical movie. This makes these 2 movies totally different from each other. I expected a gore filled movie like the first part so I didn't got to see what I expected but that wasn't a big deal because it's still a fun movie to watch. Inside the Whore is more a sneak peak documentary in the mind of a sick minded director who wants to produce the most brutal, violent and sex filled movie of all time. How this movie is going like? I think we'll see that in part III: "What comes around Whores around"



Inside the Whore


Inside the Whore


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