The Lords of Salem Review

Movie: The Lords of Salem
By: Chev Chellios
Date: May 2, 2013


Well, directed by Rob zombie, the dude that brought us the HALLOWEEN 2 REMAKE, yes the one with the flying white horse, it still gives me nightmares when I think about it. I'm not fond of Mr Zombies directorial efforts, except The Devils Rejects, although a sequel, in my humble opinion it surpasses the first and it had William Forsythe in an awesome supporting role. But now in 2013, he delivers yet again, a new horror movie but this time something completely different, or is it?

The Beginning:

We all now Rob Zombie makes horror movies just for himself, he doesn't even deny it. All of his movies from House of the 1000 corpses to Halloween 2 Remake, they all have one thing in common brutal, savage uncontrolled violence. I have to admit that the Halloween 2 Remake, which had an awful story, had some brutal kills and the special effects were awesome. It's a little strange but I'm somewhat intrigued by a new Rob Zombie movie, I think that has something to do with if he can show me that he is a capable director. Like I said before he only has one awesome movie, and that is The Devils Rejects.

The Lords of Salem

The Story:

The story revolves around a DJ Threesome, Heidi Hawthorne (played by Sheri Moon Zombie) Herman (played by the awesome Ken "I was in the original Dawn of the Dead" Foree) and yet another Herman (played by Jeff Daniel Philipps) who work in Salem Massachusetts at a local radio station. Heidi is introduced sleeping on her bed with her nice naked ass, so that's a plus. But back to the story, the shit hits the fan when Heidi receives a strange old LP from a band called THE LORDS, you got me. Before they play the LP on their show they first take it home to listen to it themselves. The first time when Herman plays the track Heidi starts to act weird and sees all kind of fu&*%d up shit, (by the way I really dig the song from THE LORDS, it has something eerie). At the same time there is a room in the apartment building unoccupied, but when she sees someone going inside, and she tells the landlord, the answer is that no one new is living there, things start to get creepy. And yes it has something to do with poor Heidi (who came up with that name in for gods sake).

The Lords of Salem

Well lets just say, after the scene where good old Meg Foster (you can only identify her by her eyes) starts to do some strange shit like licking a baby's head and spitting on it, I was thinking where does this evil go, well it goes and it goes and it goes on, till it ends. There are a few good things about this movie I have to point out, the character Bruce Davidson plays "Francis Mathiass" is pretty well crafted, its gives something extra. The special effects are really well done, the weird visions are pretty well designed and the eerie song from THE LORDS makes this one a definite watch, although I think it will be a single view.

The Lords of Salem

This time around Rob Zombie is trying new things and this means producing a way more arthouse like movie. Everything is shot in such a way that it reminds me of a classic Argento style of filming. The way the lights are used to brighten up rooms the way the light is used in the trippy ending it all fits the mood of the movie. One thing is for sure and that is that Rob Zombie did something new and mostly succeeded in it. Although this again won't be a general public appealing movie which already made sure is already selling the dvd version, which is a shame since it is worth a watch.

The Lords of Salem

I won't spoil anymore story wise, because I think you can figure out where this one is heading. I will conclude my verdict by saying that Rob Zombie tried something else, but in my opinion his movies don't get any better, this one is absolutely not the worst, its easily said not the best either.



The Lords of Salem


The Lords of Salem


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Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Meg Foster