Sawney: Flesh of Man Review

Movie: Sawney: Flesh of Man
By: Maniac E
Date: April 17, 2013

Inspired by the most prolific serial killer of all time

Cannibals and Europe, combining these two things and you will come across Sawney Bean the infamous head of a Scottish cannibal clan in the 15th or 16th century. Based upon the stories of Sawney Bean comes this re-imagination movie with director Ricky Wood. Will this be cutting the meat?

Sawney, a religious psychopathic killer (played by David Hayman) drives a devilish Black Cab (taxi), stalking the towns and cities, abducting unholy souls for his communion of sacrifices. His insane family of inbred killers Judd and Jake, use their agility to wreak slaughter and havoc among their victims, who are then dragged to Sawney's lair in the hills, where they are raped, tortured and cannibalised. Sawney with his skillful surgical blade removes the appetizing pieces of human flesh for dinner before feeding the remains to a chained BEAST in the cellar. The Missing Persons list is beginning to rise! Investigative crime journalist Hamish MacDonald (Samuel Feeney) writes sensational and damming headlines against the police, due to their incompetence in handling the case. Frustrated police inspector Bill Munro (Gavin Mitchell) is under great pressure to catch the serial killers but is hindered by Hamish who is constantly giving him bad press. He decides to feed Hamish with human flesh!

Sawney: Flesh of Man

Sawney ended up being one of the many mutated/mutilated family stories we already know and which have been done better. The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Wrong Turn. There is actually nothing really spectacular to be found here, the story is well pretty much a lot of talking, with more talking. Every character in the movie is explaining either why they do what they do, or explaining us what kind of relationship they have with one and other. But like I said most you have seen before: The daddy is a firm believer in enthusiastic cannibalism, he has a pair of mutated sons who seem to know all the ways in the forest, and there's a feral dwarf and a mysterious-yet-plainly massive "mama" that resides behind closed doors. Basically it's a good thing that Sawney Bean is pure fiction, because the Woods go a little crazy with all the slicing and dicing and flesh-chomping lunacy.

Sawney: Flesh of Man

It all ends up a bit short with poor CGI work again I know that CGI is costing money but if you aren't willing to spend it than don't use it! But most of the gore is neatly done. It did however setup the kidnappings in good way, and they shock value is present. The way Glasgow is presented to us as viewers is done in good fashion nicely setup shots of the back alleys. The tone of the movie was pretty good, it was just too bad of the not really believable reporter. He really got under my skin and not in a good way.

Sawney: Flesh of Man

All in all the movie was decent but lacks suspense and a good leading role. The reporter is just not believable and really makes you start thinking if he really attended acting school. Gore effects are nicely done and the hunt for the ladies gives a few enjoyable moments, but besides that there is just too much talking. Again decent movie but just having too many rough spots to impress.



Sawney: Flesh of Man


Sawney: Flesh of Man


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