The Last Exorcism Part 2 Review

Movie: The Last Exorcism Part 2
By: Maniac E
Date: April 10, 2013

And You Thought It Was The Last

"The Last Exorcism Part 2" Yes, you read it correctly the Last but Part 2. As many say the Last Exorcism Part 1 was one of the better exorcist movies of the last 10 years, but many also said it was still flawed with many places for improvement. So let's make a part 2 they thought and improve on the concept.. but did they succeed?

"Small Town Murder Songs" director Ed Gass-Donnelly co-scripted this edgy, 87-minute, paranormal horror chiller with Damien Chazelle. Occasionally, genuinely scary stuff occurs as in the first half of the film. More often than not, however, he resorts to a yapping canine, jangling telephones, or decibel-heavy musical cues that generate goose bumps. Red herrings are almost as stimulating as the genuine jolts in a fright flick. Often, the false alarms amount to pranks. "The Last Exorcism" appropriated the 'found footage' approach for this reason. If you've seen neither the recent "Paranormal Activity" franchise or long before it the 1999 ground-breaking "The Blair Witch Project," you're acquainted with the 'found footage' technique. Nevertheless, like "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2," "The Last Exorcism Part 2" shuns the 'found footage' format. The filmmakers take a straightforward, chronological approach to their material. Consequently, the level of irony that enhanced the thematic value of the original is as conspicuously absent as any sense of humor. The Reverend Manley and his wife served as comic relief in the first film. Donnelly relocates the action primarily to New Orleans, and the ambiance of the Crescent City lends itself atmospherically to the supernatural shenanigans.

Last Exorcism Part 2

Let me start with the fact this one turned into a PG13 movie and it shows! You won't find any big scares or nasty goriness here. Naturally there isn't any reason to pursue this in found footage again, so the major decision was to come up with a straight narrative film, following Nell as she ends up in a girls' home, since she did not bear any memories on what had happened in the final few moments of the first film. And here is where everything turned south as far as the story went. We get introduced to characters who were as flimsy as they were cardboard, and a romance that was totally flat from the get go. The story just suffers in the most bad ways and shouldn't be taken very seriously. The movie never really does anything real good, it is predictable it is everything that has been done before.

Last Exorcism Part 2

One thing that was a big irritation for me was the fact how Nell is just struggling with every day things and not with her past and everything that had to do with the first movie. Even if she knows the demon is still haunting her on a daily base... It all just falls a bit out of place and unreal. Yes I said "unreal", they want a realistic way of telling the story and a believable setting well come up with something better than this!

Last Exorcism Part 2

To me everything about this movie is a joke and not a very good one either. Been there done that feeling is way to present with this one. Ashley Bell does a good job in showing the audience a vulnerable girl that is out in the world not knowing what happens. But it doesn't save the movie at all. If you want to be scared and want to experience a movie well this is not it.



Image quality

The smooth HD video quality fails to support or even underscore the scene, instead making it feel all the more painfully dull. The technical quality is fine; it's just that inorganic digital doesn't really seem to do anything for Horror other than keep production costs down. When the action shifts to New Orleans, however, the benefit of the digital shoot becomes more apparent.


The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 presentation opens with heavy bass, so heavy it rattles rather than remain tight, but that's pretty much the extent of any negative observations. Musical elements prove very smooth and naturally convincing; light piano notes flutter through the air with an ease and spaciousness that's nearly second-to-none. Gentle surround support aids the package, both in music and ambient environmental recreations both in more calm and serene locales as well as in the more festive and active downtown New Orleans moments.



While this movie is one of the worst sequels ever, the bluray quality is awesome and so is the sound of the movie. You can cleary hear that the sound department is on top of their game. Hopefully next time they will do the same with the actual script.

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The Last Exorcism Part 2


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