The Collection Review

Movie: The Collection
By: Chev Chellios
Date: February 13, 2013

Will the Collection be complete

The Collector is back, after the events of the first movie (The Collector 2009), there had to be created a sequel. The first was a tense little chiller, with gore and gruesome death scenes, they way I like horror movies, and a cool main character.

The Beginning:

Marcus Dunstan, director of both movies is a very capable director in m eyes. He did an excellent job with the first movie, especially creating a good atmosphere. Also the cast from the first chapter did an excellent job, but don't expect Oscar material of course. Fast forward to chapter 2 the Collection, with a budget of 10 million us dollars you can make a decent if not great movie in the horror genre. And because the first one had a budget of 6 million dollars I have great hopes for this one. With returning actors Jos Stewart and the Collector played by Stuntman Randell Archer, things go in the right direction.

The Collection

After 10 minutes into the movie, shit literally hits the fan. During an underground house party hosted by the Collector, the bad mutha unleashes the terror on the poor teenage cattle, and a massacre of unknown gravity ensues. All I have to say without spoiling, and I Quote John Travolta's character, deacon in John Woo's Broken Arrow, "Say Goddamn what a Rush".

The Collection

The Story

The story revolves around the only a girl from a wealthy business man, who is going to be abducted by the Collector. He organizes a rescue mission with some professionals. They blackmail the only survivor (Jos Stewart, who has been to hell and back to get out of there) to join them on the mission impossible. After the awesome introduction of the main character things start to slow down a bit, but luckily just for a second. Because once the enter the domain of the collector, and they are locked down in the booby trapped building, people go down and they won't get up, well maybe without an arm or leg.

The Collection

Enough of the story, let s talk about the gore because that's why you need to see this little gore gem. Its top notch, i haven't seen a good gory film from the US in a while now and MR Dunstan delivers, heads chopped of complete body's crushed to pulp. I know where the 10 million went, and I like it. But there is a catch, because the first chapter had a very good atmosphere, a more claustrophobic mood, a tension where you feel you can't escape the situation. In the sequel this is not as present, and I missed it, just a little. This one focussed more on the killings, and the more they can show, the better.

The Collection

I'm Happy with the end result, with a killer introduction to the brutal traps and the ending (well it reminded me of all the slasher movies back in the 80's) I think they did it, finally a decent sequel. Although it's not awesome its great in its own way. For the gore hounds out there check it out, if you want an Oscar nominee check out ARGO or something like that ;).



Image quality

The Collection is presented on Blu-ray with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 2.34:1. This is a pretty spectacular looking high definition presentation, for better or worse, by which I mean for those with squeamish stomachs, the graphic violence, blood and gore which is so well defined in this presentation may be (not to pun horribly) overkill for some


The Collection features an often quite boisterous lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix that offers consistent immersion and surround activity and some nicely fulsome low end. The film has a nice variety of ambient effects, varying from the crowded dance hall in the opening sequence to some of the more isolated expanses of the abandoned hotel where The Collector does his dirty work.



This is one of those movies you can take home without thinking about it. While the movie isn't an instant classic atleast the whole package is well taken care of. Overall score for this one is 3 stars.



The Collection


The Collection


Marcus Dunstan






Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald