Doghouse Review

Movie: Doghouse
By: J Rotten
Date: January 2, 2013

When the party ends quickly

When Vince get divorced he hits rock bottom. In an attempt to help him over his sorrow they arrange a weekend in a small town called Moodley where the woman outnumber the males with 3:1. What they thought to be an beer drinking weekend with lots of chicks turns out in a pure hell filled with virus infected man eating woman.

Vince (Stephen Graham, who played Tommy the Tit in Snatch) has just gotten a divorce. His friends Neil (Danny Dyer, who's famous for stuff I haven't seen), Mikey (Noel Clarke, who played Micky on Doctor Who, so his character name is an in-joke), Graham, Matt, and Patrick decide to cheer him up (another friend, Bansky the Lovable Loser, will catch up with them). They're going to take Vince out of London, where he's miserable, to the tiny village of Moodley. They plan to hole up in Mikey's Nan's house, drink beer and watch a bit of footy on the telly. Except that there's no one in Moodley, when they arrive...


Jake West made a typical British humor slasher with this movie: More jokes than horror. But I expected that because I've seen his earlier work Evil Aliens. The movie starts off with introducing all the characters at their home's seeing that they all have relationship problems accept for one, Vince, because his relationship already stranded. It's a fun start because you will get immediately sucked into the film and the characters. West had a great cast to his proposal including Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Graham, Neil Maskell and other British movie and tv stars. The chemics between the actors is really well what masked the rubbish dialogues. It's obvious that West mocking the horror side of the genre by making the 'zombies' so silly that you'll immediately know that Doghouse is pure for the laughter.


Don't think after reading this that the movie does not contain any gore because there is plenty of it. But every time you see some gore it ends with a joke. The gore parts itself are well made, even better then I suspected. The jokes itself aren't highly sophisticated, more tits and swearing kind of humor, but still fun to watch. The only thing that doesn't satisfy me is the ending of Doghouse.. It's ends very abrupt and does not make any sense.. Why? Well, see it yourself.


Doghouse is just a film for the laughter so sit back, shut down your brains, and enjoy the ride. It's a pity that the plot is very rubbish but who cares? West didn't mind so why would we? I had a blast with Doghouse so overall it was just fun to watch. Especially when you're drinking some beers with your friends. Don't try to compare it with Shaun of the dead because Doghouse isn't a parody. It's a parody of a parody. If you liked Cockneys vs Zombies, Sex lives of the potato men or Evil Aliens you will certainly like this one because it's a bit same.







Jake West






Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke and Emil Marwa