House at the end of the street Review

Movie: House at the end of the street
By: Maniac E
Date: November 26, 2012

Fear reaches out... for the girl next door.

So the House at the end of the Street, what to say a movie that has been laying on self for about two years. Now that main star Jennifer Lawrence is hot they decided to bring it out... Which isn't really a promising start.

Young Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her mother Sarah (Elizabeth Shue) think they are moving into a quiet, uneventful new home to reconnect and start over. The house next door is supposed to be empty, but late one night Sarah sees a light go on in the allegedly vacant edifice. Turns out a young man does live there, in the very house where his crazy sister murdered their parents years before. The townsfolk think young Ryan is crazy for staying in the house all by himself, but Elissa thinks differently. Elissa is drawn to Ryan's quiet, sensitive nature, and perhaps also by the chance to draw him out of his shell. But the local legend is that Ryan's sister is still out there somewhere, watching and waiting for another chance to strike...

House at the end of the street

Lets first start with the positive things of this movie since there aren't that many we will be done quickly. The acting in this movie wasn't as bad as the title might suggest. Let me be very clear the acting is good but the script isn't! I guess that nobody really wanted a good script in the end. The editing of the movie is pretty good and everything was looking slick. Maybe even better than Sinister in my opinion. But still there is a reason why this movie did not come out in 2010 when it was done:

House at the end of the street

The film is obviously bereft of motivation or character development, and as such, the characters actions become increasingly absurd and unrealistic throughout the film until you finally want to tear your hair out. For example, near the end, when it turns out that the creepy psycho has been abducting women and keeping them locked in his cellar, and Jennifer Lawrence finds this out, her first reaction (of course) is to run upstairs and get a drink of water from the creepy psycho's kitchen sink, then go through his garbage while putting two-and-two together. Isn't that just the most brilliant thing you've ever heard? As the creepy psycho finally returns upstairs after about fifteen minutes, with Jennifer Lawrence continuing to stand at the kitchen sink looking through his garbage, she tries to *find the words* (cue sappy romantic music) to ask him just why there is a woman tied up in his cellar... but she can't. Later on you there are so many weird things like escaping by a burning lamp for instance. It was all too far-fetched for me.

House at the end of the street

What can I say further the 80 percent of the movie is a complete rip off from other movies you don't have to invent the wheel again but come on the ending?! Seriously, what were they thinking. Hello Psycho, Hello Silence of the Lambs, Hello . We can continue on but this was just sad that the writers couldn't write anything of their own. There is a twist in the movie but you will see it from miles away, which is a shame and sucks because you know if they pulled it off they would have made this into a decent movie.

House at the end of the street

House at the end of the street isn't anything for me, maybe if you aren't into horror movies and think lets watch one this could be creepy. For me personally it is lacking in every way possible. There are no excuses for the ending, while Jennifer Lawrence is a hottie that's still no reason really to see the movie.



House at the end of the street


House at the end of the street


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Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue and Max Thieriot