Thankskilling 3 Review

Movie: Thankskilling 3
By: Maniac E
Date: November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble Motherf#cker

Thankskilling 3 while this is just the second movie, they thought it would be better to start fresh with a three. The first one wasn't really worth anything and from a kickstarter project this piece of cinema came forth. Will it be any good?

ThanksKilling 3 takes place in a universe where ThanksKilling 2 was released, an abysmal film starring Turkie that takes place in space. Deemed the worst film in history, the studio orders all products related to the film burned in a giant flaming heap, except one copy of the DVD which was simply thrown away. Turkie, now a beaten and soul-crushed family man, hears the news his newest sequel has been shelved indefinitely, and turns back into the maniacal psychopathic killer from before, making it his goal to find the very last copy. If the copy is released to the public, all who watch will die a horrible death, and it's up to an eclectic group of muppet like creatures (Yomi, WiseTurkey, Muff, Rhonda Worm) to save the day, along with the help of inventor Uncle Donny (Daniel Usaj).

Thankskilling 3

But nothing I saw in ThanksKilling could prepare me for ThanksKilling 3. NOTHING! I am just going to start throwing words about associated with Downey's sequel, and you can string them together however you can imagine. Dubstep. Numerous raunchy puppets. Men wearing colonial wigs. Long Pike. Space Vortex. Muff. Seagul taxi service. Mechanical turkey cooker and plucker combined. But atleast this one had a plot it is 10 steps ahead of the first one and it was more fun since the other one did not put one single smile on my face.

Thankskilling 3

I must say I liked this a whole lot better than the first one, but this one isn't with out flaws some of the scenes were just not funny and it happens more than once that you have the feeling this shouldn't be in there. So yeah, where ThanksKilling was a straight slasher with Turkie as the villain, ThanksKilling 3 is a super meta hybrid full of flashy colors and bumping beats, kind of like a violent and appalling puppet rave where a murderous turkey gets loose and kills other puppets, like a bad Thanksgiving LSD trip. Seriously, there were only 2 human characters.

Thankskilling 3

All in all I can say bravo for showing how the first one should have been. This over the top cinema piece won't blow you away and it doesn't really make you feel like what an awesome movie but it can make you laugh and show you what the first one did wrong. It is a piece of cult cinema that is for sure and once you except that it can make things watchable.



Thankskilling 3


Thankskilling 3


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Daniel Usaj, Joe Hartzler and Preston Altree