Paranormal Activity 4 Review

Movie: Paranormal Activity 4
By: J Rotten
Date: November 12, 2012

When you don't want to get scared

I was warned that this film wasn't that good and they didn't lie. This is by far the worst movie of the Paranormal Activity series that I've seen. Henry Joost, who also made Paranormal Activity 3, managed to make the movie so bad that even a layman on ghost movies can't appreciate this one.

Five years after Katie killed her boyfriend, sister and her sister's husband and took their baby, Hunter, Katie settled herself with Hunter/Robbie next to the house of Alex and her mom. When Katie is taken away with an ambulance her neighbors take care of Robbie until Katie is coming back home. And from that moment the activity's happen.

Paranormal Activity 4

I would like to start to say that I'm a big fan of Paranormal Activity 1 and 3 but this fourth part is just ridiculous. Normally I look at the big picture and pull out the good things that a movie brings us but this one just didn't have any. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are using the Paranormal Activity franchise as a milking cow like we have seen with the Hellraiser and, more recently, the Saw franchise and that isn't a good sign. The movie is much too slow and after watching it for 50 minutes I was still waiting on the first scary moment. The 'scary moments' that you will see in this film are exactly the same one you already seen before in the other movies, but then in a cheaper way. What I also don't understand is how Alex managed to record all the activity's at home with only webcams placed all over the house.

Paranormal Activity 4

How the hell will they all work when she didn't even plugged them in? She also uses her laptop for recording and she drags it all the time with her. Well, I've never met someone who's continuously filming with a large laptop open in her hand, even when things happen where a normal person would drop the thing because they are scared. They even recorded the whole thing with an Kinect camera from an Xbox 360 but every gamer with an Xbox, like me, knows that it's impossible to record everything with the Kinect.. I can tell you a lot about the movie, but I can't tell you anything good about it so it's better to tell you nothing more than I did.

Paranormal Activity 4

The worst thing of all is the ending because it just don't make any sense. I was happy that the movie was over but less happy that the end announced that there will be a fifth installment of the series. Is there also something good to say about the movie? I'm sorry but no there isn't. Paranormal Activity 4 isn't worth watching even if you're a big fan of the series. There aren't any big scares in the movie and the most scare parts are just loud noises. I will end with the words: Paranormal Activity unfortunately you died so Rest In Peace and stop haunting us with the series when their just as pathetic like this one is.



Paranormal Activity 4


Paranormal Activity 4


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