Cockneys vs Zombies Review

Movie: Cockneys vs Zombies
By: J Rotten
Date: November 6, 2012

This city ain't big enough for the both of 'em

Cockneys vs Zombies was called on the dvd cover a mix between Lock Stock and Shaun of the Dead what immediately called my attention because I admire both movies, and especially the kind of humor that both movies have. But the cover makes a movie often look much more beautiful then it really is so I started Cockneys vs Zombies with alot less expectations than what the cover wants me to have.

At an building site in East London discover the workers an old graveyard. They decide to go in but in the tomb they get bitten by an undead what turns them into zombies what starts a chain reaction. Meanwhile there are some young inexperienced criminals who want to rob a bank to save their grandfather's retirement home from being demolished. But instead of saving the retirement home they have to save their grandfather from the horde of zombies.

Cockney vs Zombies

The movie starts at the building site an immediately i'm disappointed when the undead show up. I couldn't help myself seeing a guy in a Halloween costume instead of an undead because the undead was that poorly made. Not the kick off what i wished for. But fortunately that's pretty much the only disappointment of the film and from that point the fun begins. Hoene has chosen for the standard zombie: slow walkers, you only get their attention when you make a lot of sound and they're dumb as hell.

Cockney vs Zombies

This kind of approach leads to a lot of funny moments between the 'bitten and unbitten'. The first encounter with Mental Mickey makes clear why they make the comparison between Lock Stock and Shaun of the Dead. The humor is identical, the film has the same building up and the cast could be walked away from a Guy Richie movie, and some of them really did. The casting of Alan "Bricktop" Ford for the role of Ray MacGuire was a golden move. He plays the role as a war veteran with conviction and the scene between him and Hamish, played by Richard Briers, is hilarious. The only disappointment is the killing scenes. Lots of them are filmed off-screen instead of on-screen what results in many kills that take place outside the view. Is this because of a lack of money? If this is the case they could have made the gore scenes a lot better with the increased budget. The on-screen kills are well made and filled with the typical British humor.

Cockney vs Zombies

I really enjoyed watching Cockneys vs Zombies and if you are an admirer of the Lock Stock, Snatch and Shaun of the Dead franchise you will love it to. The movie is well build up and keeps on going till the end. The film had many hilarious moments and some good actions scenes to. But because of some very cheap made scenes, like the one in the beginning, i can go for 4 stars only.



Cockneys vs Zombies


Cockneys vs Zombies


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