The Day Review

Movie: The Day
By: Chev Chellios
Date: October 29, 2012

Fight or Die to live another day

Without reading the synopsis I entered this film (I am convinced that when you watch a film, and you want to give an honest opinion, you have to completely be inside the movie) with a expectation that I would be another zombie/apocalyptic survival movie. Boy I was wrong, this one definitely isn't a zombie like movie, but it brings all the moral issues that you need for a survival horror movie. Plus that the director invested a lot of time on characterization, I think it starts of beautifully.

The Beginning:

Before watching this, I had a sh*7load of other movies I needed to watch, but all of a sudden I was lured into watching this, maybe it was the cover of the DVD (which I think is very well done) or something else I don't know. After the running time of 85 minutes I was interested in what kind of movies the director previously made, because I think he is talented. Douglas Aarniokoski director of such titles as Highlander Endgame from 2000, and assistant director alongside Quentin Tarantino's From Dusk Till Dawn 1997.

The Day

So there is the big difference between those two movies the first being a major disappointment the other a great if not classic take on the vampire genre. So where does he go with his second feature film, I think he created a well balanced film with on the other hand pretty good action pieces (there aren't a lot, but when the action kicks in it's a bloody good time) and on the other good character development. I also think it was a wise decision to keep the film small and with small I mean this isn't a grand scale epic journey into survival land. But what it is, it's a "where do we need to go if we want to survive kind of survival" and is there such a place. It's also about emotion, sacrifice and trust, so if you trust my judgment check this one out.

The Day

The Story:

Well the story starts off with a scene where one of the main characters, looses a relative it is told in a dream like sequence and it sets the tone and mood of the entire movie. After this we meet up with the main character Adam, played by Shawn Ashmore, and a few other survivors of the so called Apocalypse. The others played by Ashley Bell, Dominic Monaghan and Cory Hardrict are very capable actors, especially when it comes down to showing emotions without words. Without spoiling, I can say the bad guy was also greatly cast, and I will not spoil the surprise who plays that character. All the actors give solid performances and in combination with the smooth pace and great atmosphere I think it all fits like a glove. Although the story isn't in depth as we like to see it still has a few tricks up its sleeve. And you will see that in the last seconds of the movie. I mostly enjoyed the action pieces, because it was like I said before, a bloody good time, and in movies like this it raises the bar higher, we get throats slit heads bashed open all the good things a solid survival shocker needs. So props to the special effects peoples.

The Day Praise the sound department because it was good indeed. No let's get serious they hit the spot, not too much bombastic, just a nice touch and it immensely creates a better atmosphere. And although the Apocalypse is never really explained it not focuses on that, it's about the people in the apocalypse and what choices the make, and moral issues they encounter. So if you are interested in a pretty good survival movie with just enough characterization this one is a definite must see. Ohhh yeah, before I forget, it's best if you don't read the synopsis of this movie on the cover or other review sites because this movie is at its best when it still can surprise you. After watching this, I am very interested in his next feature film Nurse 3D, so check that news topic on the Slashing through page.



The Day


The Day


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Shawn Ashmore, Ashley Bell and Michael Eklund