Resident Evil: Retribution Review

Movie: Resident Evil: Retribution
By: Maniac E
Date: September 15, 2012

Think global. Kill local.

I have no clue why people want to see these movies, really Resident Evil is about zombies and suspense and so far all have lacked those parts. We arrive at the fifth installment of the saga, and like the title already says shit has gone global! This one wants us to believe more action, more guns, more mutated ghouls and again a soundtrack to make it great for this MTV generation.

Picking right up after the events of the last film, Alice is once again recaptured by the Umbrella Corporation after her escape to Arcadia, a cargo tanker that was meant to be a last safe haven for what was left of the humans. Brought to an large underground secret facility where each cavernous section is made to resemble one of the major cities of New York, Moscow and Tokyo, Alice finds an ally in Ada Wong (China actress Li Bingbing in her Hollywood debut), a survivor captured by Jill and by the way, Jill is now an Umbrella agent after being brainwashed using a mind-control device attached at her chest. Alice and Ada are teamed with five rogue members of the resistance led by Leon (Johann Urb), who infiltrate the facility with the intention of detonating it from within. Evade the Red Queen's (oh yes, she makes a return as the ultimate villain here) armies, rendezvous at the place called the 'submarine pens' and get to the surface before the bombs go off.

Resident Evil Retribution

It's very easy if you didn't like the first four movies you won't get any enjoyment of this, at all! So don't bother reading if you think it will be better. Basically everything that is done wrong since 2002 is still wrong. As many others I like the Resident Evil games especially the first three, but these movies just don't capture the atmosphere nor the complex story telling. It's still loose based on the Capcom games which to me is still not doing it any justice. The whole plot is just so thin and the acting is at times embarrassing to watch. Truly trust me on this the guy that plays Leon, I won't go into it any further. Don't forget about plot holes because you will see them.

Resident Evil Retribution

With a frantic pace, all scenes are loaded with zombies, explosions, monsters, shootings and fights. It's difficult to breathe between one sequence and another, since the great 3D takes you into the screen. This is what most resembles the games: the Red Queen commands the action, announcing where the protagonists will then separating the battles in stages where characters must dodge enemies like La Plagas and the Axemen. Anderson came up with an (ingenious..) way of bringing back characters who had suffered brutal deaths in the previous films, including Rain (Michelle Rodriguez, and always great playing several characters) and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory in acting weak and full of catchphrases). Carlos (Oded Fehr, great), Luther West (Boris Kodjoe, good) and Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) also return in style.

Resident Evil Retribution

So yet again the movie doesn't exactly hit a home run, it has its moments but so did the other movies. It's nothing special and I guess Paul W.S. Anderson just wanted his wife to be in some skinny tight outfit again. The story continues but I really hope they will let the Resident Evil movies rest now. And please Anderson never let Milla talk into the camera to tell us the story of the last four movies, with the "Fourth Kind" which ended up being one of the worst movies ever! Just watch this only if you have seen the last four otherwise don't spend your money on it.



Resident Evil: Retribution


Resident Evil: Retribution


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Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory and Michelle Rodriguez, Li Bingbing