The Aggression Scale Review

Movie: The Aggression Scale
By: Chev Chellios
Date: June 15, 2012

Assumption is the mother of all f#&k ups!

Aggression Scale: (noun) A psychological test measuring the frequency of overt aggressive behaviours that may result in physical or psychological injury too others. With the above sentence the movie starts, and I think it's a smart move to start with this, because it makes you think. What kind of movie is this, will there be any surprises, what will happen and of course how will it finish. When I read the premise, I was partly intrigued because this has been done before. But when the movie starts off with the above announcement I was back in the game.

The beginning:

Directed by Steven C. Miller, this being his third feature film after his student film project the zombie horror movie Automaton Transfusion and second film Scream of the Banshee. I found Automaton Transfusion not a really good attempt, but I have to give it to the man, with a budget of 30.000 dollars and only 9 days of principal shooting on that part he did a good job. Also something to say is that the film has been distributed by Dimension Films and has been released worldwide, so that has to count for something. I was curious if Steven C. Miller would make another movie, well yes he got the chance, this time through After Dark films, he made Scream of the banshee, I really disliked that movie, it really didn't do anything and it got al lot of mixed reviews, but in my opinion it is not a memorable film, so I will stop talking about that film. The Aggression Scale saw the light of day, and yes I will start of by saying it's the best film he made to this day. Like the definition of the Aggression Scale says, the movie is about and has a lot of aggression and yes it has been done with no holds barred.

The Aggression Scale

The story:

The story is about a big shot criminal named Bellavance, who isn't shy of making his hands bloody, a great role played by great actor Ray Wise. Props for Steven C. Miller that he got Ray Wise to play this role. Being just released from prison, Bellavance wants to leave with his son with the money he earned through the years, but he finds out that the money is gone. He is furious and orders his thugs that they go and find it, and that all those who are related to the problem has to be punished with no limitations. Lloyd the leader of the thugs and right hand of Bellavance, played by Dana Ashbrook did a good job of portraying a villain without being to stereotypical. Derek Mears also plays one of the thugs, he on the other hand is the stereotype thug.

The Aggression Scale

After the introduction of those characters we see a family who are moving into a new home in a new place, we see a family of four. A father and mother, with a daughter and son. The most important character is Owen the son, played by Ryan Hartwig. Ryan plays a young boy who is mute and clearly there is something strange about him.

The Aggression Scale

After things are getting out of control, Owen takes it upon himself to fix things and get rid of the goons in his own sadistic way, he doesn't just kill them he plays with them. He is a combination of Kevin from Home alone, and the character Mikey from the movie with the same name. he is smart in a vicious and evil way, and without saying a word he puts his wrath upon those who will harm his family. The traps he makes are smart and easy to built, especially the last one lets call it Fatality, is great and it hurts like hell. Things will be bloody and let me say the effects are great, blood will flow and splatter all over the floor.

The Aggression Scale

With great directing by Steven C. Miller, a great supporting role by Ray Wise, bringing his menace, Kane Ashbrook playing the psychotic right hand, Owen the estranged son who clearly has an agenda of his own, well when those people meet, things will surely get out of control. This one is a keeper, let the blood flow and the violence begin.



The Aggression Scale


The Aggression Scale


Steven C. Miller






Ray Wise, Derek Mears and Dana Ashbrook