No Reason Review

Movie: No Reason
By: Maniac E
Date: June 3, 2012

Ittenbach just gore, gore, gore and more

It is time for another Ittenbach review, yes you know the guy that only wants to make feel good movies. Not that I get a thrill out the reality of what he does to the victims in his films, but more the level of inventiveness that he introduces in pure visceral nature. Which is certainly powerful. This latest film is no exception and really stands alone in the way of dark tonality and vicious flavor.

the story:

Suddenly Jennifer is torn from her comfortable and non-assuming (inconspicuous) life. While planning to move, the young mother and her husband will experience anything but an ordinary day! It all begins with a strange visit from her soon to be ex neighbor, the postman who mentions an urgent need. Later, when coming home from grocery shopping, Jennifer discovers an elderly neighbor, who is her son Niko s babysitter has disappeared. She also receives a terrifying and disturbing letter. The fateful delivery contains a macabre death poem by yet another occupant of her building, plus some compromising sex photos of her husband and the missing babysitter! To get over the initial shock of this disturbing news, she decides to take a bath, and promptly falls asleep in the bathtub. When she awakes, she finds herself on the floor of her apartment covered in blood and body parts! Centre to this surreal and horrific scene is a mysterious masked man who promises to lead Jennifer on the right path toward the sacred white light . The story continues as a tale of physical and mental torture.

No Reason

The only thing that I can say Ittenbach did it again! He delivers a new piece in his gore infested movie filmography. I was slightly reminded of the Hellraiser series with its cenobites, of which this film takes a much darker tone and level of fx driven creativeness that supersedes the cenobium universe in spades. It even has its level of demons that while absent of leather uniforms are perfectly suited to involve the face of torture and darkness. The film actually introduced a lot of logical psychology that Jennifer must endure representative of herself delusions.

No Reason

Probably most people won't be digging the story that much it is told in a certain way that you really need to keep your head with it otherwise you really don't understand what the hell of onslaught is going on. The acting was for an Ittenbach movie pretty okay nothing really stands out but nothing really terrible unlike dard divorce. One could bitch about all the sort of things that are going down but lets face it: It is an Ittenbach film what do you expect!

No Reason

What No Reason does have going for it is that it's possibly one of the goriest films of the past couple years that I have seen. Besides some lighting techniques that may have cut corners around how realistic the gore should look, the film still delivers on the blood front. There's a sequence, a hellish sequence you would say, where we stroll along through a torture dungeon of sorts that is basically just non-stop atrocities. Some creative stuff is going down too. Graphic is an understatement, as we peep peeing girls, some skin tearing, a bound to be classic penile mutilation, and of course, lots of blood spurting. It's the high light of the film trust me on this one.

No Reason

Ittenbach delivers with this movie and really is one of the better new movies that he has done. The pacing is good and moves along at a very crisp pace and for the budget I think the heart of this film was in the right place. It also had a grimy '70's grind house feel reminiscent of great 1970's exploitation sleaze such as Malabimba and one of my all-time favorite's Alucarda. So for those of you that love grisly gore and nudity running amok.. proceed, the rest of you stay far far away.....



No Reason


No Reason


Olaf Ittenbach






Irene Holzfurtner, Matthias Engel and Alexander Gamnitzer