Lost Soul (short) Review

Movie: Lost Soul (short)
By: ManiacE
Date: May 29, 2012

Violence always has a meaning

Ever wonder what drives people to do certain things in life? Why do they kill and what triggers them Joris Donvil dove into his second movie project trying to give us a dreamy state of things to come.

The short tale is about a woman that is being followed by unknown man, she finds out that she is being followed. She slips and falls into a wall and makes easy prey for the killer that is following her. As he drags her body across the land the state of mind of the killer is turning into pulp and starts to dismember his victim. He carries off the body into water and starts thinking about his ways of doing.

Lost Soul

The short isn't not purse a short that has a compelling scenario and is what you can call seen before. But what does work in this short is the way everything it portrait like. Everything has an eerie and dreamy like feel to it. It reflects the state of mind of the killer that is following his victim.

Lost Soul

Donvil tries to capture more than just a message, his message is strong and maybe familiar to some that will be in a position like the killer. But is the killer truly a killer? There are many ways one can answer this question. Thanks to Donvil's choice on how to picture the short, one can make up his or her own mind. This putting this flick above a lot of other short movies that I have seen.

Lost Soul

Again it is not something new but the vibe of the short really is compelling and setting up the right atmosphere. The music makes this whole thing even dreamier than it should be in a good way. The acting is solid since there is no talking at all the actors really need to have the right impressions in situations. Donvil has potential as a film maker and let's hope we will see more of this promising young director.



Lost Soul (short)


Lost Soul (short)


Joris Donvil






Fran Verstegen, Luc Jacquemyn