Underworld: Awakening Review

Movie: Underworld: Awakening
By: Chev Chellios
Date: May 20, 2012

Vengeance returns! Well, yes it did with a Bang

Back in 2003 Underworld a small Horror movie saw the light of day, Directed by Len Wiseman the movie at that time was promoted as a Blade type of movie. Well I thought it didn't deliver, I was keen on the idea of a Hot chick in spandex kicking ass, and yes Kate Beckinsale is hot, but it just didn't deliver.

Although I have to admit the director created a good atmosphere and the lycan world he made was original. Because the movie did good on the DVD market, Len Wiseman got another chance to create a sequel, in 2003 Underworld Evolution came out. This time he did hit the spot for me, the sequel was bigger, better and more violent then ever, I was pleased, very pleased actually. Kate was still hot in her spandex, and she kicks ass with style. That movie had a better storyline, more action and a good pacing.

Underworld Awakening

I never thought there would come another sequel, but yes after another three years Underworld: Rise of the Lycans came out from the darkness, where in my opinion it should have stayed. After the great if not awesome Underworld Evolution, this was a step back, if not a hundred, this was not good at all. I loved the idea of a prequel, and that all previous actors redid their roles again, but it didn't quite work. Probably it had to do something with first time director Patrick Tatopoulos, he only did a short film called Bird of Passage. Normally I think a new director can inject fresh ideas, and be creative but he missed the spot, by a mile. But now director Mans Marlind from Sweden comes into play and he got the point, he knew exactly what to do with underworld at least to put It back on the map. With 88 minutes of almost non stop brutal action, this one by far is the most entertaining underworld till know. Kate Beckinsale at the age of 39, is still smoking hot in her black spandex suit and she kicks more ass then in all the previous chapters together, and it made me smile by the roughness she did that. Broken arms, headshots and brutal beatings follow each other up in a fast and furious style.

Underworld Awakening

The Story:

Well story wise this one is not the best, it starts of with Selene trying to escape with Michael when mankind discovers the existence of the lycan and vampire worlds and begin a war to destroy both. When Selene meets up with Michael at the docks, shit hits the fan and under water they are hit by a grenade and get separated and knocked out. Twelve years later we discover that Selene is put into cryo sleep, from this moment the action sets in and I tell you, fasten your seat belts because blood will flow. After her escape from the facility, in which she got some help from someone I will not spoil, she goes on a revenge spree to uncover the truth. She discovers that the lycan and vampire worlds are almost extinct, but she has visions she believes are from Micheal and she tries to find him, with the help of fellow vampire Thomas, played by Charles Dance she continues her journey to find Micheal but she finds someone completely different. I will not tell more about the storyline so you can enjoy the few twists it has.

Underworld Awakening

Besides the above storyline there is the storyline of detective Sebastian played by Micheal Ealy who we knew from such films as Barbershop, Fast and furious 2 and Takers. He did a good job with the lines they gave him, he exactly surprised me in the end. His role is the one of the hardcore detective, the one that doesn't take no for an answer, he discovers that the Lycan world hasn't been destroyed like the media seems to tell the public.

Underworld Awakening

There aren't any more notable characters in the movie, so I don't want to talk about that anymore, I think it is a smart choice not to implement to many character old or new, that's why I want to talk about the smart things the director did to make this movie work, first he followed the storyline from evolution and to keep that storyline as small as possible. Then he put the focus on the action, and because he did, its a hell of a ride. Like I pointed out earlier this one is brutal, if not the most brutal of all underworld movies, and that has to say something, so I definitely recommend this one, for those who seek a fun action ride with a hot chick as the main character.



Underworld: Awakening


Underworld: Awakening


Mans Marlind, Björn Stein






Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy and India Eisley