The Loved Ones Review

Movie: The Loved Ones
By: Maniac E
Date: May 15, 2012

Prom night can be torture

Sometimes you come across movies that you never heard about or totally neglected to see, The Loved Ones is one of those movies for me. I heard about the movie but never came around to actually see but damn I missed one hell of a ride! I love the fact that even after reading the movie's synopsis and reading the (mainly positive) reviews, it still did not prepare me for the level of sheer horror entertainment that was dished out before my eyes.

One the eve of his high school prom, Brent is asked by Lola(Robin McLeavy), if he will be her date for the prom. Not wanting to crush her feelings, Brent kindly and gently turns her down. Big mistake Boy, for Lola and her father are what is commonly known as freaking mental cases. Lola's father kidnaps Brent and takes him back to their house, for a special take on a high school prom. What follows is an extremely brutal, yet somehow darkly humorous take on the kidnap horror.

The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones is the sort of horror film that Australia seems to do so well, think Wolf Creek. First time director Sean Byrne, has certainly done his homework. There are numerous nods to other horror films, Misery, where kitchen knives take the place of a sledgehammer. Texas Chainsaw, the film has the same dirty gritty look. And the People Under The Stairs, Lola and her father have the same almost incestuous relationship as the brother and sister of The People Under the Stairs.

The Loved Ones

Every shot and scene has been carefully planned to rack up the tension, you'll soon be thinking my god what can they do him next. Those who love a brutal vicious film will love The Loved Ones. Unlike many of these times of films the violence never seems to stray into just being there to shock territory, probably due to the dark undercurrent of humor throughout the film. Brilliantly portrayed by Mcleavy, who delivers a master class in creepy psycho female. I am talking about a level in the sense of Rebecca De Mornay in Mother's day.

The Loved Ones

The movie shows even with its low budget a real eerie atmosphere can be created. Thanks to the acting which is strong in this one the movie stands above many other torture movie flicks. The eye for detail and I don't want you to think this a dreary and depressing movie about torture and kidnapping. The movie has a wicked sense of dark humor as well that is perfectly aided by Byrne's strong direction and screenplay. The fact that the demented father and daughter keep screaming at Brent "WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!" left a twisted smile on my face.

The Loved Ones

The movie isn't a revolution in its genre but the way it is brought to the audience is a way that has never been really done so well as here. While the story isn't all that the scenes and happenings in the movie are good in every way possible. Queue incest, extreme gore, cannibalism and some bloody good acting. What more would you want? Definitely not for everyone, you know if this movie is for you. If it is indeed for you, welcome to your new favorite torture/horror movie.



The Loved Ones


The Loved Ones


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Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy and Victoria Thaine