Afterman 2 Review

Movie: Afterman 2
By: Orlok666
Date: June 8, 2012

Born to be cult

Absurd. That is the word that springs to mind when watching the Belgian no-budget film "Afterman 2". In the opening scene a man tries to make a call but is ratted out by a woman. So when the car arrives of the authorities a couple of muslims get out and arrest the man. Then their commander gets out -a male dressed as a SS officer- executing the woman and having the hand of the man cut off. And all that happening in the year 2012, Belgium. If that had your head spinning, read on because it gets a lot more absurd.

Afterman 2


The year is 2012 and all kinds of different regimes have taken control in parts of Europe. Their leader: Osama Bin Laden and he seems to be a big fan of Hitler. Even Saddam (or at least a lookalike) is under his command! Most of the population is put into labor camps and the people who are not in the camp have become unruly. Enter ‘Afterman’: a not-that-attractive, overweight, middle-aged, silent loner. After the death of his girl in Russia he decides to go back to Europe and more specifically Belgium. In what seems just a little walk he arrives in Europe finding it all ruined under the new reign of Bin Laden. Eventually he ends up with a group of lesbian rebellions that has their headquarters in a beer brewery. Will he (with the help of the rebels) be able to end the cruel reign of Osama Bin Laden? And will he find true love again?

Afterman 2

All kinds of WTF’s

Watching this film was quite a unique experience: Nazi’s, Communists and Al-Qaeda regimes mingle with each other, an old woman seemingly committing suicide out of the blue and about every woman in the film has an appetite for the Afterman’s big cock that seems to be erect 24/7. The rebellions communicate both in different languages but still understand each other. Of course there are quite some soft-erotic scenes -if erotic is the correct word for seeing an older man have sex with the lots of women he encounters accompanied by hilariously cheesy music.

The film seems to be shot with a handycam and there doesn’t seem to be some post-production apart from some poor dubbing. Clearly noticeable Osama’s recordings have been used to give voice to Osama while giving it different subtitles. Or when they just saw some monks sacrifice a child and follow them to the monastery, entering it and making the remark “We will be safe here”. It all adds to the fun.

Afterman 2

Cult as it should be

The film lacks any decent acting and has plot holes where even elephants would get lost in but this film is stuffed with quirky things. There’s this rescue mission where they want to get one of the rebel women back and Osama’s shitting loudly on the toilet and when Afterman speaks he sounds retarded. The film is spoken Flemish (it has French subtitles) but sometimes it’s hard to make out what they actually say. A lack of English subtitles makes it harder for this film to go abroad but there isn’t that much dialogue in the film so it wouldn’t matter that much. I haven’t seen "The Afterman" (1985) but I’m glad I saw this example of trash cinema, it makes me want to see the first part and I hope it is as absurd in the same way as part two. This is an ideal film to put on when you gathered some friends, opened a case of beer and feel ready to enjoy a totally weird piece of exploitation cinema. This Belgian film by Rob van Eyck has ‘cult’ written all over it.



Afterman 2


Afterman 2


Rob Van Eyck






Jacques Verbist, Lindsay Bervoets, Stephane Dopagne and Frida Farrell