Io Sono Morta (I’m Dead) Review

Movie: Io Sono Morta (I’m Dead)
By: Orlok666
Date: March 21, 2012

I’m dead and loving it

"Io Sono Morta" starts with a bang. Literally. Director Francesco Picone created a 17 minute short movie that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Io Sono Morta

I’m dead…

Friends Lisa (Elisa Forti) and Andrew (Federico Mariotti) decided to go hiking in a rough natural environment. When setting up their tent Andrew decides to declare his love for Lisa. Surprised by his confession, Lisa rejects Andrew and walks off into the woods leaving Andrew behind, all frustrated. Then Andrew suddenly hears a desperate scream and starts searching for her. In his hurry he doesn’t see a bear trap and from then on things only get worse for Andrew and Lisa…

Pulling it off

When "Io Sono Morta" finished my first thought was: ‘How the hell did Francesco Picone pull this off almost on his own?’ and my second: ‘I’m curious what will be his next effort’. This short looks really good and professional even though it still has some rough edges but there is an undeniable quality about "Io Sono Morta". Picone produced it, wrote the script and directed this movie (amongst other things) and he has got flair. When Andrew panics and starts searching for Lisa it is filmed from different angles and cameras / effects with the shots cut through each other making it all the more hurried and desperate.

Some later scenes brought 2010’s "Buried" to mind with a moving camera exploring the narrow spaces. Later on you’ll also find a scene that is well executed and can even make an seasoned horrorfan cringe (or cheer, for that matter). The acting overall is good, the basement-like environment is looking creepy as it should and it makes you feel you’re all alone in a place in the middle of nowhere. What also deserves a bit of attention is the soundtrack: no simple, cheesy synthesizer noises here but a more orchestral score that worked very well.

Io Sono Morta

Fresh blood

Picone delivered a tight script and shows his skill in directing. If I could name one minor flaw it would be that this movie sometimes felt too hurried, especially in the edit of the conversation between Andrew and Lisa. It doesn’t make "Io Sono Morta" less of an experience. Given what I saw Picone doing with just 17 minutes and almost no budget makes me wonder what he will do when he gets the chance of making a feature length movie with a slightly bigger budget. Let’s hope he gets that chance.

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Io Sono Morta (I’m Dead)


Io Sono Morta (I’m Dead)


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Elisa Forti, Federico Mariotti and Stefano Martinelli