Horny House of Horrors (Fasshon heru) Review

Movie: Horny House of Horrors (Fasshon heru)
By: Maniac E
Date: April 5, 2012

The Lowbudget movie that is not cutting

From the Asian circle of absurd comes a slightly less exciting release that I'm glad let go of its original name "Fashion Hell". This Jun Tsugita directed horror comedy revolves around a rather simple premise that doesn‘t go much further than its small setting. Coming in at a little over and hour, it‘s probably a good thing as I am not sure how far they could take this one. Now before we get to into the plot you should be warned that there are some obvious misleading marketing reviews out there that call it everything it is not. I think I laughed harder at those, than the actual product. In any case the reviews claimed it was scary, was Exorcist-like, was extremely brutal, and was hard to watch. Let‘s see if they speak the truth shall we.


On their way back from their local baseball team‘s game, Nakazu, Uno and Toshida have too much to drink and they end up visiting the sex parlor Shogun as a nod to Nakazu‘s limited life as a single man. Nakazu has never been to a sex parlor before and he feels guilty about betraying his fiancée, Misa. He attempts to go but the other two are already far too excited to leave. Uno chooses Nonoko, very fetching in her school uniform, while Toshida picks Kaori, who is dressed in a pythoness costume. The two randy friends disappear with their chosen sex partners leaving Nakazu quietly sitting in the waiting room. until he hears unearthly, terrible screams.

Horny house of horrors

The movies style is one that comes close to the more 80tees vibe of cinema. Over the top action, comedy and violence are the things that are the main driving forces behind the movie. It has as we say a black humor touché to it. To tell you that they end all the sessions with cutting, biting or melting off the men‘s penises. I say that, as it‘s pretty much in most of the synopsis‘s already. The ladies are cute, and do get naked but in the version I saw, all the hardcore penis shots were blocked out. That‘s fine by me, I got the drift. One of the highlight devices is a pair of iron teeth that is worn between the escorts crotch. Use your imagination on how it is used.

Horny house of horrors

The special effects are done once again by: Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo gore Police, Machine Girl). But the gore is of much lower amount than for instance Tokyo Gore Police. The movie suffers from its low budget and this time it is not so good for the movie itself. I am big fan of low budget Gonzo movies but this is even for me on the low end.

Horny house of horrors

The movie is not great and by far one of the least to be set in the row of Gonzo movies as of lately. Asami as great as she is and as lovely as her body still looks is not saving the show. The special effects look way to cheap and doesn‘t come close to anything seen before. The comedy parts aren‘t funny, yes they are over the top but funny not even close. This a typical movie made to earn a quick buck. As from me to you skip this one and turn on Tokyo Gore Police once more.



Horny House of Horrors (Fasshon heru)


Horny House of Horrors (Fasshon heru)


Jun Tsugita






Miho Arai, Asami and Saori Hara