The Sweet Hand of the White Rose Review

Movie: The Sweet Hand of the White Rose
By: Maniac E
Date: March 20, 2012

The Sweet Hand of a Short

This is another short movie by Davide Melini that has a running time of 16 minutes and is his biggest budget throw towards filmmaking. Not only is everything polished, it really has something to say. The short movie is more about metaphors and goes a lot more towards the horror/ghost nature. The short movie has made its ways towards horror film festivals around the world and picked up a few awards in its way doing so.

The story is initially told from two perspectives, the first a man who has had an argument with his girlfriend and drives off distracted, and the second a little girl on her way home on her bicycle after playing at a local park. Their stories eventually interlink in a predictable way, leading up to a spooky conclusion with supernatural undertones. Since this is a short film, I can ‘t really say more without giving away half of the plot; so check out the embedded video and see for yourself.

The Sweet Hand of the White Rose

Where you see how Melini is thinking in the ways of film making is step forward from the Puzzle. Where the Puzzle felt a bit rushed and not so polished this piece of film making shows us how it should be done. The atmosphere in the movie is just great and it shows that you can do a lot with artistic film making. Some the music that was used sometimes distracts more than it adds. It ‘s a shame but in the end it works. While the Puzzle was more experimental this short is one to put with high rollers.

The Sweet Hand of the White Rose

Melini shows us what direction he wants to go in film making. Let ‘s hope he will have more of this goodness for us in the future. This short is major step up for him as a film maker and promises us a force to recognize. Hopefully he will eventually make a full length feature film with suspense and more horror finest.



The Sweet Hand of the White Rose


The Sweet Hand of the White Rose


Davide Melini






Carlos Bahos, Natasha Machuca and Leocricia Sabán