The Puzzle Review

Movie: The Puzzle
By: Maniac E
Date: March 20, 2012

Be Puzzled by this short

It is time to shed some light upon the short movies of the Italian director Davide Melini. This is an upcoming director with a passion for the suspense thriller/horror movies like Dario Argento. Think the ways of Suspiria en Phenomena and you get the point of what Melini wants to create. Compile it with a deeper story and you will get the Puzzle. Melini has had some good preparation for this one since he worked with Dario Argento‘s Mother of Tears: The Third Mother as assistant to the director.

The puzzle is about a woman that has lots of problems on her mind, problems with her son give her the hardest time. After another argument the woman wants to relax and forget her troubles with her favorite pastime: making puzzles.

The puzzle

Melini shows us some of his talents he spins things around, making it stand out above most short movies. The movie is rather short only 5 minutes which in the end feels too short. The movie was made with only a budget of 300 euro’s and was shot in 1 day time. It is a good showcase to start with since he wants us to look at things differently.

The puzzle

Don ‘t get me wrong the movie is far from perfect but with the limited resources it was a fun watch. The short movie shows how quickly things can change for the worst. One of the plus sides of the sort was the playfulness of the camera work. It shows that people wanted to make a short with an impact. Yes, it is experimental film making but the way everything feels , the way the lighting in the movie is done it all adds up.



The Puzzle


The Puzzle


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