Tokyo Gore Police Review

Movie: Tokyo Gore Police
By: Fish
Date: April 11, 2007

One for the Cutters

Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura (Suicide Club, RoboGeisha) & written by Kengo Kaji (Samurai Princess, Spiral) Tokyo Gore Police is a lovely piece of film candy topped with blood and giggles. It takes place in future-esque Tokyo where a (corrupt) privatized police force is hunting brutal murderers. Nishimura does a beautiful job of blending jaw dropping gore, sincere giggling and head tilting “what the hell?” into one beautiful two hour horror spectacular.

woe is me

Ruka (Eihi Shiina) is a traumatized girl who lost her father during the privatized police take over. She became an officer and is a noted member of the force to take out the “engineers.” An engineer is someone who has become the enemy by having a key shaped tumor inserted into their body that makes them a specific breed of murderer and whenever they’re injured, a deadly weapon takes over the part of them that was harmed. The only way to kill an engineer is by severing the part of them that holds said key.

going once, going twice

This film becomes quite strange about half way through, when we arrive at a strange sort of sex club, where a certain breed of sexy engineers are, in a way, auctioned off to patrons for pleasure. The unveiling of these creatures is a quick way to fall in love with the minds behind this film, and the images are sure to stick with you. I must comment that the design and follow through of these “costumes” are stunning.


cutting to the chase

This is one film I am not going to try to give a full synopsis of. There are too many brilliant things that happen in (what seems like) such a condensed period of time. I will, however, give you bullet point highlights of some of my favorite scenes: an amputee she-dog on sword stilts, a hovercraft torso, a barmaid being torn apart via ropes tied to her limbs and corresponding vehicles driving in reverse, acidic breast milk, alligator vagina. Yeah.


a praise chorus

If the above doesn’t move you to want to invest in this film, I feel sorry for you and your lack of bad taste. I’m not sure that I would even classify this as horror. There’s a lot of blood, gore, guts, legit torture scenes and a lot of screaming, but nothing about this film is scary. It’s strange. It’s a conversation piece. Above all else, it’s a must see. There is simply no reason for this film to go unwatched, and if you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you. Come talk to me when you fix that. This screenplay was well written, the film was well made, the photography is brilliant, the director has a sense of humor and I adored all of it. One of the best trashy but legit films I’ve seen since RoboGeisha (same mind, yet to review).



Tokyo Gore Police


Tokyo Gore Police


Yoshihiro Nishimura






Kengo Kaji, Eihi Shiina