Australia’s “Come And Get Me” gets trailer

Here’s a trailer from an Australian film directed by Chris Sun. A fun girls night out takes a turn for the worse…

Gemma, Leah, Michelle and Susan are best friends and have been since high school. Gemma may be a little more domesticated, Michelle a bit wilder, Leah a bit more responsible and Susan and bit more... well, Susan, but at heart they are the same four girls who've spent all their time together since Year 8.

Brett and John are the absolute opposite to these girls. Having met in prison for B&E and sexual assault respectively, they have formed a bond that couldn't be cut with an axe. John has an appetite for women and booze and Brett has an appetite for destruction, and they join forces in the senseless abduction, torture and murder of countless people.

Enter William. After originally having picked him as a target, the boys start to feel sorry for the poor, abused, neglected loner, and effectively take him under their wing as they channel his frustration and rage into what they believe are "healthy" pursuits, as William responds by giving them more direction in their choice of victims - anyone William feels has wronged him in some way. This covers everyone from the school principal who allowed him to be bullied, to the random girl who raised a finger in response to Johnny's lewd comments from a car window one night.

Which brings us back to our lovely heroines. After enjoying a fabulous night out in the city, the girls call a random guy from Michelle's phone to give them a lift home. This turns out the be William, a guy from high school who has long harboured a crush on Susan, and who agrees to give them a lift - but only if they can all fit in the car with his "friends".

What starts out as a standard ride home becomes hell on wheels as Michelle and Johnny's equally volatile personalities combine to create conversational napalm. After the situation escalate, punches thrown and knives drawn, William realizes he has no choice but to pull the girls, including the unrequited love of his life, into a favorite game played by Brett, John and himself, of which there is one rule. Kill or be killed.

Come And Get Me

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