Sequel to Wolfman?

I am totally unsure as to what is going on over at Universal. Earlier in the year it was revealed that The Wolfman was going to be rebooted again, but a few months later that was debunked and Universal was set to release a sequel to Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman and Michael Tabb had penned the screenplay for said sequel.

Today it all changes again. According to the guys over at Moviehole who have the exclusive story have revealed that the sequel will be a reboot of George Waggner’s 1941 film The Wolfman which starred Lon Chaney.

Apparently Michael Tabb’s screenplay is being rewritten and reworked into an original story which will share a link to the 1941 film rather than Joe Johnston’s version. No title has been given yet for the reboot but according to the site “werewolf” is a popular choice. So for now or The Wolfman will be a reboot, I wonder if this will stick this time.