David Lindsay-Abaire to Write Poltergeist Remake?

Back in February it was revealed that MGM was looking to go ahead with Poltergeist 4 instead or a reboot/remake, however that all seems to have changed.

According to New York Magazine’s Vulture MGM are once again looking to reboot the franchise and playwright David Lindsay-Abaire has confirmed that MGM has offered him the job but emphasized that no deal has been reached and his not sure at this time that he even wants the job.

This is understandable as big studios such as MGM will want things done their way or if they don’t like something they will alter it. This time however according to insiders, MGM has no creative parameters for the Poltergeist remake and if Abaire should want the job it would be his to shape in any fashion that he wanted.

I think MGM may have learned that when recreating beloved classics, it’s great to have a new spin on things but even more critical to honour the source material.